A bit of good news: 40 Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria fight

Three Israeli children are still missing, no one can say if they are dead or alive, one week to the day after they were kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists. Terrorists in Gaza continue to shoot rockets at 100% civilian targets in Israel’s south. Given that, the news that 40 members of the terrorist organization Hezbollah were killed in fighting in Syria is a bright spot.

International news, of course, is making no mention of it. If they had died after a fight of any sort (and the sort of fights they are involved in are the sort they start) with Israeli forces, it would be front-page news across the world. It would be front-page news with all kinds of condemnations of Israel and calls for Israel to act in a restrained manner, no matter what the terrorists had done. Well, since they were killed in a fight with other Arabs, their deaths pass unnoticed and unremarked by the international press and leaders. Forty terrorists are dead, remarked or unremarked, and that is all to the good.


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