Developments in kidnapping of Israeli teens, news round-up this a.m.

As opposed to the U.S., Canada is coming out with strong support for Israel right now with the Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird calling for Abbas to Demilitarize Palestinian Authority, Gaza. Baird noted that the day after the “shocking” kidnapping of three Israeli teens last week, Gaza terrorists fired rockets at Israel, hitting “an area of southern Israel no bigger than the Greater Toronto Area.”

While lamenting that such attacks have become routine and ignored by the world at large, Baird commented “what should distinguish these latest attacks is that they have happened under the watch of a new Palestinian government that was announced two weeks ago.” Go Canada!!!!!!!! Click on the link above to read more and see how much Canada rocks.

Overnight, the IDF sent eviction notices to anyone living in the house owned by Salah al-Arouri, the Hamas terrorist who is behind the kidnapping of our three children, and destroyed the empty home after a thorough search was conducted. Salah al-Arouri wasn’t at home because he has made his permanent home in Turkey.

Indeed, Hamas in Turkey and not even the Palestinian branch of Hamas seems to be behind the kidnapping. This is an important distinction because, like Al Qaeda, the terrorist organization Hamas does not have a sole geographical base (that is, the Hamas main base is in Gaza but they have branches in numerous other countries and the composition of their members in those other countries include far more than those with the “pseudo-ethnic” Palestinian heritage claims). However, as with Al Qaeda in Sudan or in Afghanistan etc., the head of the serpent must be held to account for the actions of any and all branches.


One response to “Developments in kidnapping of Israeli teens, news round-up this a.m.”

  1. Lynne says :

    Yeah, the media response is typical. The kidnapping is mostly ignored except for one headline leading off with “Palestinian Teen Killed by IDF in Search of Neighborhood for Missing Teens” or something to that effect.

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