Israeli child killed by Syrian militants

“My boy died in my arms,” said his heartbroken father. This is horrible. Mohammed Karaka was only 13 and he wanted to be a doctor when he grew up. His father works for our Defense Ministry and he’d taken his son to work today with him. The water truck he was driving to a border construction site was hit by a Syrian missile in the Golan Heights. Three others were injured.


One response to “Israeli child killed by Syrian militants”

  1. Lynne says :

    My heart goes out to this family. The terrorists are emboldened by the lack of condemnation from the international community. It is terrible.

    One of my doctors, a surgeon, was born in the US but moved at about age 4 with this family back to Lebanon, the original home of his family. There were daily attacks on the Christians in Lebanon by terrorists and the kids learned to duck, dodge, and take cover when that happened. My doctor at age 8 was playing with a group of small boys when terrorists began shooting at them, and he as shot in the stomach, hip, and legs. It took two hours to get him to medical care, and he required intensive care for many months: Wound care, skin grafts, and antibiotics to fight infection. This care involved a long trip from their village to the medical facility, and that is when he decided to become a doctor himself, if he lived. The terrorists were not sorry to have shot up a group of small boys; indeed, they were the targets. Terrorists are evil to the core without compassion or decency or any justification for their hatred and the terror they inflict on others.

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