Jordan at risk to ISIS?

Is Jordan about to go under? From The Jordan Times:

AMMAN — Dozens of supporters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) rallied in Maan on Friday marking the upstart jihadist movement’s first public appearance in Jordan.

The jihadists gathered in the southern city, some 220km south of the capital, to celebrate ISIL’s recent military gains in Iraq, praising what they described as “victories for Islam”.

Participants — the bulk of whom comprised young Jihadi Salafists and former ISIL fighters chanted: “The caliphate is coming to Jordan.” Read more


One response to “Jordan at risk to ISIS?”

  1. Lynne says :

    Obama’s foreign policies directly contribute or cause this. Too many in the Middle East are intolerant and ruthless as a hallmark of their culture and religious beliefs (those who are extreme). Islam is not quite a “religion of peace” that the adherents claim, and there are centuries of conflict that confirm this (not that other places have not also this type of intolerance and extremism in their recent past). But Obama has made this so much worse. It’s a mess and it won’t be confined to just a few places; it is spreading all over Africa and the Middle East. I believe that Obama privately supports Islamists.

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