New climate change scandal: The U.S. has been COOLING OFF since the 1930s.

File this under: People who manipulate statistics suck.

So, Steven Goddard got his hands on the real and raw data of U.S. temperature readings going back for like the last 100 years. He compared those to the temperatures published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the last decade (including their reports of how the temps have changed from previous decades). Whoa Nelly. He found something more than fishy and it wasn’t in Denmark.

What he found that they have done is to replace the actual temperature readings with data “fabricated” or “projected” or “adjusted” (use whatever word you want to describe it, but the replaced data is way far afield from the raw, actual temp data) by computer models.

While summers in the U.S. may feel hotter’n hell, the actual temperatures in the U.S. (summer and winter) have been a lot less hot than the summers your grandparents experienced –and they didn’t have air conditioning. Rather than temperatures getting hotter, they have actually been getting cooler since the 1930s. Read more at the Telegraph


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