I’ve something in common with this cute pit bull puppy

Firefighters save stuck puppy

This cute little puppy got its head stuck and firefighters had to come to the rescue with vegetable oil to grease the little critter loose.

When I was three years old I got my head stuck (don’t ask me how or why because I can’t tell ya –I can only assume I was attempting to crawl under or through the sucker for some reason.) between the lower rungs of my child-sized rocking chair. I was seriously stuck. The fire department that was based just up the street from our house came to the rescue, complete with fire engine and sirens blaring. They arrived carrying a big, industrial sized can of Crisco. Yeah, they greased me on out like a little stuck pig — or like this cute little puppy. Hmmm I like the latter comparison much better.

I should note that this was the beginning of a great friendship with my family and the firefighter rescuers. My Ema would take my little brother and I along to say ‘hi’ on our walks and they would let us climb all over the truck, sit in the driver’s seat and try on their hats (which covered our entire heads). My visits with my rescuers are some of my happiest childhood memories, despite the incredibly embarrassing start.


2 responses to “I’ve something in common with this cute pit bull puppy”

  1. Lynne says :

    The firemen were intrigued and perplexed by the idea of HOW you managed to get yourself into that situation. Finally, they decided that you had backed in the slats and wedged yourself in. Even with grease, they could not free you. They had to take you out backwards and add grease to your shoulders. You were a mess!

  2. Erin says :

    Your story was too funny. And I love that you lived in a place where the firemen were friendly and made a presence in the neighborhood.

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