a little here, a little there

I’ve only got 300 more papers to grade. I’ve hit an end in sight mark. I’m trying desperately to get all the papers done before next Tuesday when I’ll get another batch of exams to grade.

I have a ton of personal paperwork I need to get done and mailed/faxed but I’m putting it all off until Sunday.

I’ve sorted through two of my filing boxes and managed to get rid of a lot of my old files and papers. I’ve still got mountains of them to go through but at least I’ve got the two filing boxes in order and filled with stuff that I definitely am taking with me. All the dust is causing my allergies to kick into over-drive.

I’m going to have to get Batya back to the vet for another steroid shot — when the great white whale doesn’t show up when you open a tin of wet cat food, you know she is not feeling well.


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