The Kurds deserve their own State

You want to talk oppression, take a look at what the Kurds have been through. Israel always sides with the side that stands for or deserves justice and I’m proud to say that, as we did with supporting the independent State of Georgia (for the geographically and historically challenged, we are talking Eastern Europe not Southern U.S.), we are standing with the Kurds and their claim for an independent State in the territory previously known as Iraq.

In the first Gulf War, the U.S. used the Kurds and then utterly abandoned them to slaughter. The U.S. is not supporting their claim and right to an independent country. The U.S. is, as is usual under their current regime, wrong. We are backing the Kurds’ right to autonomy and we are right to do so.


3 responses to “The Kurds deserve their own State”

  1. Lynne says :

    I totally agree. The Kurds definitely deserve a place. The British and other Europeans carved up the lands that they took over without any regard to the ethnicity of the people there. (A long time ago, the British cannot be blamed for that now.) As a result of those arbitrary boundaries, the Middle East and Africa are continuing to have struggles today.

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