Israeli girl kidnapped last night by terrorists rescued

Police rescued a 21 year old girl from Beit Jala, an Arab village just south of Jerusalem. The girl was grabbed from near Beitar Ilit in Gush Etzion, according to the Judea and Samaria police spokesman.

Between 10 and 11 PM, police say they received a phone call about a girl who was just kidnapped by two Arabs in a white car.

The girl works in the cafe/mini-market in the Sonol gas station near Beitar Ilit. She had met with a girlfriend after work and afterwards, as she was on her way home, a white car stopped, forcibly grabbed her, and drove off. They were able to locate her by her cellphone signal and rescued her out of a building where she was taken and being held. Updates are just being released on the story originally broken by The Jewish Press this morning. Haaretz has just confirmed the kidnapping and rescue took place.


11 responses to “Israeli girl kidnapped last night by terrorists rescued”

  1. XsouthAfricanGal says :

    I searched for the source of the info both Heb & English press -Nadda
    can u provide source? (not Arutz 7 BTW 😉 )

    • Lynne says :

      XSouthAfricanGal, first, how are you? Hope that all is well. This seems to be a case where the girl knew the two men, but not that they would kidnap her and hold her against her will. It may be that she believed them to be friends. She was taken to a building and tied up, against her will (well, few people would agree to that). The incident may be similar to the one this year where a young Jewish man was killed by a Muslim man he believed to be his friend, but whatever the case may be, it is being thoroughly investigated by police.
      Here is the link (one of them):

    • israeliminx says :

      Click on the links in the post — one Jewish Press, one to Haaretz, Aruz 7 did have an article but they were late to the game and it came online after the other two.

      • XsouthAfricanGal says :

        I think one should be cautious,in where you take your news from as there are extreme elements out there whose aim is to ignite more anger and hatred . There are talk backs who claim that this kidnapping (of the girl ) might have been staged.
        This is the time to take a step back .. think and not take hasty action or ignite hate or talk revenge

        • Lynne says :

          XSouthAfricanGal, very seldom do the Jewish people take revenge on innocent people, and when it does happen it is denounced by right-thinking Jews, as it should be. Innocent people should not be targeted. So, I am not worried about incitement and retaliation. One student, when asked by the media, what he wanted to happen, answered that he wanted “peace”. An end to senseless terrorist attacks and peace between the Jews and Palestinians.
          It may be exactly as you say that this girl staged this for attention or whatever reasons she might have. It’s possible. What is known now is that she claims that she was kidnapped. It is certainly possible that there is something suspicious about her version and the entire incident. And, it is certain that the police have not been taking her claims at face value, and there has been an investigation from the beginning. So, something could be suspicious about her story.
          As to extreme and untrustworthy news sources: All have their own agenda these days and I hardly trust any of them, especially most of the US media (CNN, CBS, MSNBC, and more), the BBC, and others. Haaretz, though, is often considered a left-leaning source (I don’t trust them either), and the incident is now being reported in a variety of sources. I hope that the truth comes out. Terrorism is certainly likely, and there are certainly those who are capable of making false claims as well. We will see. Your advice to be cautious in making judgements is absolutely correct.

          • XsouthAfricanGal says :

            There is a danger of Price Tag retaliation of hot blooded settler youth who could take matters in their own hands . That’s the danger these days

  2. israeliminx says :

    Why yes a far bigger danger to life and limb than kidnappings, throwing of grenades, shooting of rockets… definitely that is the real danger these days. Clearly the events in the past few weeks shows that there is no danger to Israeli civilians or soldiers.

    • XsouthAfricanGal says :

      This is what I’m talking about,7340,L-4536910,00.html

      Do you condone or don’t you these kinds of price tag actions.

      As for the other things .. its for the IDF and Israeli security forces to deal with.. NOT the civilians,,An eye for an eye does not work

      • Lynne says :

        XSouthAfricanGal, see my comment below. No, I do not approve at all of any of these price tag actions. I agree with you; it’s for the IDF and Israeli security forces to deal with and not people attacking others in retribution. I understand the emotion of anger and rage but attacking a person who has had nothing to do with the murders makes no sense. It’s wrong. Period.

  3. Lynne says :

    XSouthAfricanGirl, I also want settler youth to keep cool and let the IDF handle things. But whatever the settlers do, it’s very mild compared to the always present danger coming out of Gaza and from terrorists. Bombs, stabbings, shootings, rocket attacks all carried out by Islamists.
    I would not like to see any Israeli behaving in any way like the Palestinian terrorists. Any time that there is armed conflict, there is a real danger of innocent people being hurt or killed. That is a very different matter from being the target of attacks. In Gaza, there are so many warnings given to civilians by the IDF to avoid areas where the IDF is operating. There are not warnings from terrorists who target children among other civilians.

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