Kurd leader thanks nation of Israel, says U.S. stopping them from gaining independence

From Jpost

The head of a Kurdish political party told The Jerusalem Post that he thanks Israel’s leaders for their support for an independent Kurdistan and that the US is keeping the Kurds from gaining independence.

“I would like to send my thanks, from myself and every Kurd to President Shimon Peres and [Prime Minister] Binyamin Netanyahu and the whole nation of Israel for supporting Kurdish rights and independence,” Arif Bawecani, head of the Kurdistan Independent Party (Parti Serbesti Kurdistan, PSK), told the Post on Monday, in the latest in a series of communications over the past week.

Thousands of Kurds have placed Israel’s flag on their profiles on social media websites like Facebook, he added.

Bawecani, a Kurd originating from land that Kurds consider to be occupied Iranian territory, was responding to Netanyahu’s statement on Sunday calling for the establishment of a Kurdish state as well as other statements by senior Israeli officials that supported them.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman had said last week that an independent Kurdish state is a “foregone conclusion.” Read more


2 responses to “Kurd leader thanks nation of Israel, says U.S. stopping them from gaining independence”

  1. Mike says :

    It doesn’t surprise me to hear the U.S. is truing to keep the Kurds from establishing their own country. I would expect nothing less from this administration, although Obama isn’t the first U.S. leader to frustrate the Kurds. I say long live an independent Kurdistan.

    • Lynne says :

      Mike, I agree. The Obama Administration is rotten to the core and notable for having no regard for justice or for even US interests and security, but the Kurds have been betrayed by other US presidents and the US State Department in the past. It’s disgraceful and inexcusable.
      Yes, wishing peace and prosperity for an independent Kurdistan.

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