Little Mouse in critical condition

It is just after 3 a.m. and I’ve just gotten back from the emergency clinic. The situation with Little Mouse is very, very grim but a lot less grim than a few hours ago when I was holding him waiting to have him put to sleep. That still may be the outcome. But he has a chance, a small but real chance and Little Mouse is one heck of a little fighter.

It is Arie all over again. Thank g-d I was home when it occurred. I had only just gotten home about 45 minutes before, fed the cats and got my pizza dinner ready. Mousie ate well, he used the litter box and then he climbed up on his usual spot on the back of the sofa just behind my head. Suddenly he started attacking the blanket, biting it in a frenzy and for a second I thought he was playing but that was not normal behaviour. Then he jumped off the back onto my lap sending the plate of pizza flying and then down onto the floor. Two steps along on the floor and both his back legs gave out and he started yowling and dragging them uselessly behind him. I knew immediately what was happening and that every second counted. I raced for the phone, called Ronen and yelled that Little Mouse was having a stroke caused by a blood clot and I was bringing him in immediately. I grabbed up Mousie into a carrier and flew out of the house –I didn’t even stop to lock the apartment door.

Dr. Dan was at the clinic (he’s great) waiting for me and immediately rushed Mousie into oxygen chamber. Mousie could barely breathe at that point and he was terribly distressed over his paralyzed back legs. I’ll write about all the things Dr. Dan did that were lifesaving tomorrow and then we played a five hour waiting game. Ronen came to the clinic at midnight — the soonest he could get there. We discussed the prognosis and the fact that 99% of cats that get this don’t survive. I made the call to put Mousie to sleep. BUT when we were in there preparing everything and I was petting my goodbyes to my baby Ronen was like, I just want to check one thing first. He’d already given Mouse the sedative to make him really sleepy before administering the shot that stops the heart. He listened to Mousie’s heart again and again and was like wait hold on, hold on. Then he checked the glucose levels in Mousie’s ear and his hind paws and was again like hold on, hold on. Then he did an x-ray of Mousie’s heart and ran a bunch of blood tests.

Ronen thinks he has a chance. It isn’t a big chance but it is enough that Ronen changed his recommendation to our seeing if we can pull him through — the chance is about 15% but Ronen was like, this is the cat that survived dying on the operating table, being in a coma for a over a week, and having to re-learn how to sit, eat, walk, and pee and the chance of that was less than 5%. More tomorrow and especially tomorrow afternoon after I see him again.

I’m exhausted and have to get up in an hour to do something about the apartment because the landlord is coming at noon with someone to view it for rent and it is beyond a disaster area.

Thoughts and prayers for our wonderful and brave Little Mouse please.


3 responses to “Little Mouse in critical condition”

  1. Lynne says :

    I am so sorry for Little Mousie and sorry for YOU. You are so devoted to all your rescues, and you do your very best for them. No matter what, you have given Little Mousie some good times, time that he would not have had otherwise. Ronen is amazing, and such an blessing for the animals in your part of the world. Keep us posted on the situation. Try to get some rest, too.

  2. Erin says :

    I am so sorry to hear about little mouse. Paws crossed he pulls through. When vladie got sick last summer I was frantic. Thank goodness my regular vet didn’t listen to the emergency vet people and went with her gut. She saved his life. Try to get some sleep and I will look for updates tomorrow!

  3. Lynne says :

    Erin, you are so fortunate to have a good vet for your pet. It makes all the difference.
    Keeping Little Mousie in my thoughts.

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