so much for the ceasefire and the 5th column rises

There was supposed to be a ceasefire (which I thought was stupid and lo, I was right). So on Thursday and Friday, Israel did not respond to the continual rocket fire on our citizens — the Palestinians in Gaza never ceased and, indeed, escalated. They’ve been shooting grad rockets at Ashkelon and Ofakim and tonight shot three grads at Beersheva. Ceasefire that never started has now officially ended and the IDF targeted a terror group about to launch another rocket at population centers.

Schools without shelters in Ashkelon will be closed tomorrow. There’s a possibility central Israel (e.g., Tel Aviv, Rishon Letzion, etc) will be targeted by Hamas rockets tonight and in the coming days as a Hamas spokesman said they intend to hit the center of Israel. If the sirens go, me and my three cats are not heading to the basement “shelter” — it isn’t much of a shelter and isn’t even below ground –after making the dash down there a couple of times the last time rockets were fired at us round here, I decided the apartment was just as safe or not safe as the case may be. Not bothered.

We’ve also had major rioting and attacks not only in Jerusalem but in the Golan and in the triangle area (all within the green line) by our 5th column. Last night near Arab villages, masked mob members were stopping cars and asking if the drivers were Jews or Muslims and if the person answered in Hebrew or said they were Jewish they were attacked. They were pulled out of their cars, several of their cars were then set on fire, some were beaten. Rocks the size of large cement blocks were thrown at cars suspected to be driven by Jews. Police closed off a number of highways where this was occurring. The rioting is continuing today.

A further development on the case of the kidnapped and murdered Arab child was reported yesterday on Channel 2 news. It seems that about a week before the 16 year old was kidnapped his parents reported a kidnapping attempt of their 9 year old to police. The mother told police that the attempted kidnappers were ‘settlers’ but the father insisted to police that they were Arabs. Police filed the initial report of an incident and asked the parents to come in and fill out all the paperwork and sign official statements, however, they still haven’t done so despite being repeatedly contacted by police to remind them to come in and finish filling out the case file. The fact that two children of the same family were targets of kidnapping a week apart is beyond the realm of coincidence and makes the likelihood that this was nationalistically (e.g. Jewish perpetrators) motivated close to none.


9 responses to “so much for the ceasefire and the 5th column rises”

  1. Lynne says :

    I wish that those facts and other developments would be reported more widely, as perhaps that would calm the outrage until the investigation is complete.

    • israeliminx says :

      It was reported widely in Israel. They don’t care, they are using it as an excuse. They rioted in support of the kidnapping of our three boys in Umm Al Fakum. Besides, it is Ramadan and that is the most violent time of the year across Arab communities in the Middle East.

  2. israeliminx says :

    Update: Radio reporting new riots in Taibe/route 444 with burning tires, firebombs, and rock throwing happening now. In Jerusalem, Jews are marching against racism and for an end to violence.

  3. Lynne says :

    OK….the US press is reporting the murder of that poor Arab boy as a certainty that he was murdered by Jewish extremists, though they don’t say so directly…implied. Reporting nothing about the kidnapping attempt of the other child last week, and even YNET in English has very little information, nearly none. But what is also being reported here in bold headlines is the beating of a handcuffed US boy who is the cousin of the murdered child, complete with videos of the incident and his pictures before the incident and afterwards. This paints a picture of Israel as a bloodthirsty, horrible place, so of course, most of the US media is featuring it.

    I imagine that there will be nothing about a march for peace in the US media.
    I think that it would help if the government would step up and address these issues as soon as possible. Announce curfews, do something to keep people off the streets and at home as much as possible. Reiterate expectations of correct and proper police and IDF behavior.

    At least the news sources in Israel need to do what they can to defuse the situation, and to calm things down. Those involved in kicking, hitting and abusing the American boy need to be arrested. I don’t care what the boy did prior to this, it is clear that he was subdued, unable to strike at anyone, and they beat him. Of course, that kind of thing happens in the US, very common unfortunately, but this is the last thing that Israel needs right now. And, certainly it is the last thing that anyone on the receiving end of that kind of violence needs.

  4. Lynne says :

    And, don’t forget those Academy Award-Winning performances of Pallywood….knowing that, i believe that I’d have a journalist or photographer embedded in all operations, police and IDF, to accurately record what is going on. If Israelis stayed home and off the streets as much as possible, that would be good.

    • israeliminx says :

      So we shouldn’t go to work or school or buy groceries in our own country? Not likely.

      Iron Dome set up outside Ben Gurion International airport a couple of hours ago in preparation for any rockets headed Tel Aviv and surroundings direction and to protect flights.

      The Arab-American kid is damn lucky they didn’t shoot him. He and 5 other masked men/boys had just seriously injured 15 police officers with firebombs, and they were armed with knives and attempting to use them on the police who initially tried to arrest them before backup arrived.

      • Lynne says :

        OF COURSE, NONE of that is being reported in the US media, and frankly, not in the English version of online YNET either!!!!
        My point exactly is: There needs to be a huge effort by the Israeli government to get the truth out.
        The US media is no friend of Israel. CNN reported from the riots, and the rioters were throwing everything that they could get their hands on, and all the reporter did was to report on his being hit by a rubber bullet, making no mention at all of the chaos that the IDF and security forces were dealing with. The US media is disgusting.

        • israeliminx says :

          It is being reported on Ynet but deep in an article trying to cover a multitude of events in a single report:
          “During the violent disturbances in the East Jerusalem area, hundreds of rioters, some of them masked, hurled firebombs, stones and fireworks at troops. As a result of this severe violence, some 15 soldiers and police officers were wounded. From a preliminary investigation into the events shown in the video, it appears that this is the arrest of six masked men, three of whom were carrying knives, and who had resisted arrest and even attacked the troops. Nonetheless, the circumstances of the case are being investigated. It is important to note that during the arrest, firebombs were thrown at the soldiers and almost caused loss of life. It is likely that without the vigilance and determination of the fighters and police officers at the scene, the incident could result in loss of life. ”,7340,L-4538205,00.html

  5. Lynne says :

    I believe that should be stated even more clearly and emphatically. Loudly. However common the unfortunate use of excessive force is in the US (in the news almost daily!) , force by rouge cops…the US government is using and will use that incident in Israel to bash the entire country. And, for my part, I feel that kicking and hitting an unconscious teen or anyone is completely wrong. I hope that those involved are held accountable. Not only did they hurt this boy, they have hurt the image of Israel.
    Here is something from YNET that gave me reassurance and hope for the future:,7340,L-4538259,00.html

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