arrests made in murder of Palestinian boy

They haven’t released the identities of the people they’ve arrested for the kidnap and murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir.  If Israeli Jews were the ones who did this they need to be shot, plain and simple.  We need the death penalty here for terrorists.  Since we don’t have it, the punishment for any Israeli who takes part in an act of terror should be far harsher than that given to non-Israeli terrorists because the message needs to be loud and clear that our society will not tolerate such actions by citizens.


3 responses to “arrests made in murder of Palestinian boy”

  1. Lynne says :

    I agree. I will be heartsick if any Jew committed this crime against this innocent young boy.
    I am so grateful to the Arab-Israelis and the Jewish-Israelis who have stood together, marched in solidarity for peace and tolerance in these very terrible times. It took so much sheer bravery and commitment to do so.

  2. Lynne says :

    YNET is reporting that “Jewish extremists” are arrested on suspicion of murdering the young Arab boy. No names given, nothing definite, but the investigation continues.
    There has to be a stop within Israel to talk of “pay back” of retribution. The murder of an innocent person, man, woman or child can never be “pay back” —it can only be what it is: An act of evil, a violent, senseless criminal act.
    It is a minority of Jews that are involved in this mentality, but one is too many.

  3. erin says :

    Well said!

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