Operation Protective Edge has begun…

Hamas called for an escalation rather than de-escalation of attacks on Israel tonight after escalating to more than 100 rocket attacks on Israeli civilians in less than 24 hours.  Okay.  Bring it on.

I’m sure Hamas ‘bigwigs’ are issuing their statements after having already taken up positions hiding in hospitals, as they did two years ago.

I’m less sure our government will have the guts to do anything to significantly change things.  The U.S. has already issued public and stringent calls for Israel to refrain from responding today.  Yisrael Beitanu dissolved their union with Likud over Netanyahu’s unwillingness to defend us if it would piss off Obama.  So, don’t expect big things from Operation Protective Edge.  It will, however, definitely be more than Hamas leaders have bargained for.


7 responses to “Operation Protective Edge has begun…”

  1. Lynne says :

    I hope that the IDF does something unpredictable and catches Hamas terrorists off guard.
    Obama is so anti-Semitic and anti-Israel; he can be counted on to keep pressure on Israel not to defend. What does Israel not reacting do? Hamas is sending rockets over now without provocation.

  2. Mike says :

    I read Hamas has said it will target TA, so stay safe. Our thoughts are with you and all Israelis right now.n I wish Israel would turn of the electricity and water to Gaze, but you know, that would be collective punishment. Shooting rockets at millions of innocent civilians of course isn’t collective punishment, that’s just resistance.

  3. erin says :

    Obama is an ass. Definitely stay safe over there Yaeli! I am trying to stay updated since I have started following The Muqata’s fb page. How the hell do people get stuff done with rockets going off every two seconds?! If you have to stay within 15 sec. of a bomb shelter, that has got to be tricky trying to go from one place or another…

  4. Lynne says :

    Erin, yes, Obama is an ass and so much worse. He is heading over to Austin, Texas for a “fundraiser”…what other president has constantly held fundraisers and campaigned instead of governing???? There is a border crisis in the US and he doesn’t plan to meet with Gov. Perry about it or any other officials, or go to the border himself to evaluate as thousands of people surge across the border.
    As a former teacher, I had great sympathy for my students who were here illegally. If I were stuck in some rotten place like Mexico, I’d try to get out of there, too. But the fact is that we need secure borders for many reasons: drug cartels that operate on the border, the criminal element, and the fact that anyone can walk across the border and into the US, including terrorists and they know it.
    Obama wrote an op-ed (translated in to Arabic and Hebrew) praising Abbas (and his Hamas/PLO unity government), but not anyone from Israel. Missing is the information that Israel has repeatedly asked for a ceasefire, makes it seem in US papers that Israel is responsible for the escalation. Typical of his barely concealed pro- Islamist /pro-terrorist sympathies and preference. We are supposed to have a good government here in the US; we have an excellent framework, but out government is filled with rotten to the core politicians. A fifth grade class of kids could run this country better. It is disgusting. Our media is simply another arm of the liberals in our government. Coverage of the crisis in Israel right now leaves out the most important facts, and is basically a lie of omission. Sickening.

    • erin says :

      yes, I saw that Lynne. I have been glued to this laptop since about 11:30 last night and read his article sometime in the early am. on the Haaretz website. It is all a crock of crap. I am so over politicians trying to enforce this “peaceful side by side existence business”. They are putting western ideas in a place run by terrorists with no sense of morals. It doesn’t work that way. Argh!

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