Expecting attacks on Tel Aviv and surroundings

Shelters ordered to open in all cities within 80 km (50 miles) of Gaza — that is past Netanya folks.

Homefront command as just ordered that shelters be opened in Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas because they are expecting long range and heavy duty rockets to be fired at the center of the country at just about any time.

I just went down and cleared out all the baby strollers from in front of our pseudo basement door.  I won’t go down there if the sirens sound, except to help get the kids down –we’ve got nearly 30 of them in our apartment building — and instead will hang with my cats.  Most of the families with children go down.

Hamas is, of course, doing their thing with using human shields.  We warned them a building was going to be targeted and to evacuate it and so what did they do but put a bunch of civilians on the roof.  They clearly wanted their civilians to die and they were obliged.

I’ve got to run to the store and pick up water and stuff, some to put down in the basement for the kids if they have to be down there any length of time and some for me and my cats.  Will update again in a bit (and you can follow me on twitter as well @israeliminx)


4 responses to “Expecting attacks on Tel Aviv and surroundings”

  1. Lynne says :

    Look, the cats stand a better chance than you would in an attack. They are small and are good at avoiding danger in general. But you should go down to the shelter. Make a “shelter” in your apartment for yourself and your cats, because there is so little time to take cover.
    What about trips to the university and other destinations?

    • israeliminx says :

      Just got back from the university a bit ago. Life goes on here as normally as possible. I’m actually on the safest floor in my building according to the video Homefront command released http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4539617,00.html (subtitled in English) for folks who don’t have safe rooms in their apartments, on their floors, or a bomb shelter in the building (our above-ground basement/storage room is not a bomb shelter — old building).

      I may be going down to Sderot area tomorrow or Thursday to help bring back some cats and dogs — a lot of folks down there are in shelters full time and their pets can’t be in the shelters with them and they can’t get out to feed/walk/care for them. The SPCA in Tel Aviv has opened their shelter for pets from the south to have refuge and I’ve volunteered to host a couple of kitties in foster care until we’ve wiped the floor with Hamas. If you can host a cat or dog from the south, contact Let the Animals Live, as they are seeking foster carers to help the situation out.

      • Lynne says :

        You have your hands full there. Can you ask that someone bring you kittens to foster, rather than going yourself? You have a million exams and papers to grade and a thousand things to do that are pressing.

        • israeliminx says :

          Ema chill. See I was smart the last deja vu times and waited until after the Second Lebanon War to tell you I went up to the border of Lebanon to rescue pets, and after Operation Cast Lead to let you know I’d gone down to help renovate bomb shelters under fire in Sderot. I thought you knew me enough that you’d guess…Don’t worry!

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