First Tzeva Adom siren in Bnei Brak waiting for all-clear

My next door neighbours are not taking their four little ones down to the basement but sheparded the 6 others on our floor down.  Good thing I got the water and Bamba down there a bit ago.

Update: Iron Dome blew that f*cker to smithereens.

Still waiting for the all-clear. They sent a wave of missiles it seems.


4 responses to “First Tzeva Adom siren in Bnei Brak waiting for all-clear”

  1. Lynne says :

    Be as careful as you can! What about being under a mattress with lots of pillows?

    • israeliminx says :

      Ema, I’ll be fine. No one should have to live like this but we Israelis are a tough breed. No panic here. Kids are back outside playing, cars driving, people shopping. I’m about to go down and wash out a litter box. Euwww.

  2. erin says :

    Stay safe. Trying to follow you and all my israeli fb feeds…not a damn thing on the news here that doesn’t make israel look bad. surprise, surprise. :/

  3. Jake from Philly says :

    Stay safe, Yael. Following you and others on Twitter.

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