The moments after the siren stops are the worst

So the sirens went off again about 15 minutes ago. They wail to let you know to take cover and you hear the flurry of activity of doors opening and neighbours rushing down the stairs, people on the street running to get out of the open, cars stopping and people getting out to crouch down by the wheels (and why do people do that? I mean, if being in the car is dangerous, isn’t it just as dangerous to crouch against the car?)

Then the wail of the siren stops and there is just an unreal quiet like the world has just gone on pause, like everyone is just collectively holding their breath. I find myself suddenly taking a deep breath and realize that I was, in fact, holding my breath, listening, listening. What you are waiting for is will you hear a boom at any moment. And if you do, will it be a boom because the Iron Dome did her golden work of taking out the incoming threat or will it be the boom of the rocket smashing down death and destruction somewhere nearby. And then, of course, the biggest question on your mind is will you not hear a boom because the rocket smashed down on you. Those minutes right after the sirens go silent are definitely the worst.


3 responses to “The moments after the siren stops are the worst”

  1. Lynne says :

    So scary! I hope that the IAF hits enough targets to stop the rain of missiles. Are drones being used to find the targets?

    • israeliminx says :

      Drones and other kinds of intelligence data gathered over time and in real time pinpoints the targets. The terrorists have gotten sneaky, having learned from the last major incursions against them (in 09 and ’12), and have concealed most of their rocket launchers within densely populated areas and in blinds they’ve dug out, making it harder to pinpoint and hit them. They also now shoot barrages of missiles all at once to try to get around the Iron Dome.

      The IDF and IAF have hit more than 400 military targets in Gaza so far this round.

  2. Larry007 says :

    Yael, should I suggest a small improvement to your blog ? Add a timestamp to your postings. Time and date of your post

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