Bibi rocks: ceasefire not on the table

Here’s the deal. We are fed up. We have finally reached the last straw. We are not willing to see a situation that will have us seeing the same situation a year, two years, or three years down the line. We don’t want a ceasefire, we want a resolution.

We should have taken out both Hamas and Hezbollah and their military capabilities when they attacked us back during the Second Lebanon War but bowed to international pressure and stopped before the job was not even half done. The result is that both Hamas and Hezbollah massively increased their weapons supplies and capabilities and Hezbollah continues to do so to this day as the U.N. peacekeepers turn a blind eye.

Then we had the opportunity to eradicate the terror infrastructure in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead in 2009, when we finally responded to continual rocket attacks from Gaza. But again we bowed to hysterical international pressure and agreed to a ceasefire that saw Hamas again stockpiling ever more advanced and deadly rockets through their smuggling tunnels.

Sporadic attacks on us continued and then Hamas launched barrages of missiles at us again in 2012, including showing off their new weapons that could reach Tel Aviv. International pressure saw us again return to the status quo and Hamas again getting more rockets and more advanced rockets — the ones they have now have reached as far as Haifa.

We are done with this. We do not want to see Operation Whatever Whatever in 2016 or 2017. We want to see the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza completely eliminated and their possibility of getting a new arsenal of weapons completely gone.

We should agree to a ceasefire only when Hamas and friends are forced to cease because they have no more weapons to fire.

Go Bibi for politely telling Obama thanks for the offer to broker a ceasefire but we ain’t interested.


2 responses to “Bibi rocks: ceasefire not on the table”

  1. Tiger Mike says :

    A few days ago, I commented that I hoped the government had the balls to do what is nescssary and end this thing once and for all. From all the media reports I am reading, they don’t.

    There should be no negotiations, no cease fires, not accommodations, nothing but the utter destruction of Hamas.

    But I read that the government won’t cut off electricity. They won’t cut off water. They still allow supplies to reach Gaza.

    The IDF has supposedly attacked over 800 targets. But there are only a hand full of casualties. They are not fighting a real war. In a real war attacking 800 targets would have resulted in tens of thousands of casualties. The Israeli government is only interested in making a lot of bright flashes and loud noises.

    War is ugly, brutal and hard. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. But some times it is ness assay. When it is, it should be fought, not pretended.

    Unless Israel is willing to fight a real war and cause as much human misery, death, distruction and fear as possible, this same situation will happen again in a year or two.

    No real nation can allow a pseudo-government/militia to existing on its border, with the power to fire munitions into that nation when ever it wants, and still be a viable nation. A real nation does not negotiate, accommodate, appease or bribe the terrorist entity. It must eliminate that entity.

    This is one of the reasons that I get so angry every time a rocket is intercepted by Iron Dome. I’m not saying Iron dome doesn’t work. I’m not saying there isn’t a military reason to have a system like Iron Dome. What I am saying is that Iron Dome doesn’t fix the problem.

    Instead of cheering and lauding Iron Dome, the Israeli public should be outraged that the government uses Iron Dome as a response to rocket attack instead of going into Gaza and killing those who launch the rockets in the first place.

    The Israeli government AND population must come to the realization that they will have to fight a real war. There will be mass killings, deaths of Israelis, world condemnation, brutality, destruction, and things that will make a person with a soul revile in horror. Persons who are acting as “human Shields”, either willingly or unwillingly must be though of as being participants in the war. It must be understood that mass suffering must be brought to the so calls innocent in Gaza ans well as the guilty.

    This is the ugly, ugly truth. There is no moral superiority in war. Only victory or defeat. And as long as Hamas is allowed to exist, Israel is defeated.

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