quiet so far this morning in the center

I thought yesterday that we were going to manage to have a whole day without attacks on the center but then last night they sent us a major barrage. The Iron Dome was a beautiful thing and took them out. The sirens were wailing even in Petakh Tikva.

It was like a wave of sirens before the wave of the barrage, first I could hear sirens very faintly in the distance– maybe Rishon Letzion or Bat Yam, then the sirens in south Tel Aviv, followed by the sirens kicking off in north Tel Aviv, the sound getting ever louder as each was added, then the wail here that is seriously loud because the siren is located just up the street, and then from behind the ones in Petakh Tikva. It was like siren surround sound. Then the explosions.

This morning they didn’t hit us at rush hour and I was really expecting that they would especially because of the evacuation order given to northern Gaza in advance of what is going to be a major air bombardment on the rocket sites. Since that is the area that the rockets hitting the center of the country have been being launched from, I figured the terrorists would try to get off at least one more round of shots at us before their launchers are toast.

The deadline to have evacuated is noon today and leaflets, phone calls, SMS messages and even videos have been sent to warn the residents of that area to evacuate and where to evacuate to.

“It is the intention of the IDF to attack from the air terror infrastructure and terrorists in the area east of Al-Attara,” the leaflets warn. “Residents must evacuate their homes by 12 pm, noon, today heading south towards Jabalia.”

The Israeli warnings told Gaza residents that “the IDF operation will be temporary and short. Those who do not adhere to these directives will jeopardize their own lives and the lives of their families. Be careful, stay safe.”


7 responses to “quiet so far this morning in the center”

  1. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Praying for you. And for all Israel.

    Something for you.

    And a different setting. For the thin line of steel that stands between you and the Nothing that is the Jihad

    I have been entirely offline for about a week – have had no time at all, but will write to the Israeli ambassador in Australia tomorrow to declare unconditional support for Israel’s self-defence against genocidal Jihad. And will write to my foreign minister and PM and demand that they just stand back, shut up, and let Israel get on with defending itself.

    If I knew of a pro-Israel rally in my hometown I would be there, dressed in blue and white and wearing a star of David.

    • Lynne says :

      Thank you so very much for your support and kind words. In times like these, your support is priceless.

  2. israeliminx says :

    Dumbledores Army- awesome music vids, I’m listening to them for about the 5th time today! Hug.

  3. Larry007 says :

    If Bibi is carving in to pressure this time and finish it like the last time then he’ll have some serious questions to answer. I’ll vote for Meretz next time if Bibi does not have the balls to do more than he does now

    • Lynne says :

      Larry007, Bibi is under tremendous, just about unbelievable pressure from the immoral, corrupt international community. I am so grateful for the government of Canada and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who have spoken out against those who are criticizing and fail to support Israel. I believe that the Israeli leadership will do what they can to combat the threat from Hamas. The corrupt US media …those jackals that have been howling about the bad Israelis who are targeting Gaza and causing so much damage, what will they say NOW that Hamas has refused a ceasefire? If it is so bad, while is Hamas continuing and escalating the rocket barrages? Shills like that creepy Ben Wedeman of CNN, what new rationale will he develop to bash Israel in the face of Hamas’ continued aggression and refusal of a ceasefire?
      Is the international community INSANE? Will they still support terrorists like Hamas when they are the targets? Oh, I forgot, they are already the targets of Islamists/terrorists, so that makes it even more of a conundrum.

    • israeliminx says :

      Meretz? Have you lost your mind?!

    • tddpirate says :

      Larry007, are you so hoodwinked that you failed to recognize the chess-like maneuver by Bibi Netanyahu? He agreed to ceasefire knowing that Hamas won’t agree to it.

      Then he’ll be able to use Hamas’ refusal to leverage some legitimacy for harsher actions against the inhabitants of Gaza Strip.

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