Firsts and not firsts regarding the Hamas reign of terror

I can do rockets. I can handle sitting through rockets in my apartment without a shelter room. I can handle dashing inside a completely glass-fronted cafe from my little study or chatting table outside. I can handle dashing into the nearest building entrance that opens if the siren goes when walking on the street. What I cannot handle is being completely out in the open with no place to duck into.

Ever since, during the Second Lebanon War, I threw myself face down on a sidewalk in Beer Sheva and a grad landed so close to me that I was covered with dirt, dust, and bits of cement from the roadway it smashed into and had horrible ringing buzzing in my ears for about 24 hours afterwards (40 steps further along and I’d at least have been in the hospital if not dead as a doornail from shrapnel), I have been freaked out about the possibility of being caught out in the open when one of those damn things is incoming.

Yesterday, at around 5 p.m. I found myself…out in the open with no place to hide. Yeah, I was on a bus right after Namir and Rokach (just before the cute little bridge I used to love to walk over). Everybody piled out of the bus but me (roof is better than no roof even if it is made out of aluminum and connected to a fuel tank in my book) until the bus driver screamed at me to get off the damn bus. So there I was, standing with everyone else against the side of the bus I’d just been told to exit. Out in the open. No place to hide.

I had a great view of the rocket streaking toward us in a clear blue sky (ok, there were some scattered clouds) and the Iron Dome interceptor rocket streaking up and then the really big firework in daytime explosion as the two collided. There was the boom of the collision and a more muted boom as the pieces parts of both fell to earth. Then came the second rocket and the second downing. My first time being on a bus when under rocket attack. I want it to be my last time being on a bus if there is a rocket attack.

The not-first is pretty simple, and I’ll post more of my thoughts on the theoretical ceasefire later (I’ve plenty to say on that). The not-first is that for the second time in 8 days Israel has said we are totally ceasing fire to discuss ceasefiring, and Hamas simply said FIRE ROCKETS WITHOUT CEASE!


One response to “Firsts and not firsts regarding the Hamas reign of terror”

  1. erin says :

    Oh my goodness! Thank G-d you are ok. Wow. I do believe there would be heavy drinking involved following that kinda day…..

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