Unfucking believable

Israel agreed to a ceasefire (not that I agreed to it) to go into effect at 9 a.m. this morning. Israel totally, 100% ceased firing. Hamas very publicly rejected the ceasefire and has been firing rockets ceaselessly at Israel before and since that 9 a.m. deadline. For 6 hours Israel sat here doing nothing as more than 60 rockets rained down on Israel’s south and center and Hamas claimed credit for firing two rockets as far as Israel’s north on the area around Haifa –after the ceasefire was supposed to have started. So, now Israel has finally responded in an extremely limited way (striking at the rocket launchers) and what is the international media reporting?

Well. the Guardian is saying nothing about Hamas ignoring the ceasefire (or starting the whole thing from the beginning), but entirely blaming Israel for the breach of the ceasefire that never even happened because Hamas never ceased firing, and likening Israel to a child molester.

The Financial Times is going so far as to suggest that Israel is making up, fabricating, the massive barrage of rockets that has been striking Israel since early this morning. Yeah, these sirens going off and explosions all over –that Hamas is claiming credit for — they are all figments of our imagination in some dastardly plot.


12 responses to “Unfucking believable”

  1. Coyote says :

    I thought Israel’s agreeing to a ceasefire worked out pretty well. There Israel was, sitting quietly while Hamas rockets continued to fly, showing everyone that Israel isn’t the problem. And now? I really believe that Israel is in a stronger position to clean Gaza out.

    • Lynne says :

      Coyote, it would seem so, but I believe that most of the media sources are so thoroughly corrupt and morally-deficient that they are pure evil.
      Are there independent sources within Israel that can substantiate that Hamas is continuing to fire rockets…to counter the claims of those who claim that Israel is lying about the rockets?

    • israeliminx says :

      Coyote, you would think and if we were any other country that would be the case. Instead we’ve got European media and politicians all over the place saying that WE are the ones who broke the ceasefire that Hamas never agreed to and never ceased firing on us while we sat here like sitting ducks in a duck-shooting arcade for six hours.

  2. Lynne says :

    Fox News is reporting accurately.

  3. Coyote says :

    I loaded the app on to my cell phone. It’s been going off regularly. The last red alert was Beer Sheva, Ofakim, Ashkelon … So no Israel isn’t lying. But you’re right about the media.

  4. israeliminx says :

    We just had incoming here. Poor Mischa ran from the living room, into hall, into the bedroom, then under the bed, pissing all the way

  5. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    It is sad to see that after so many repeats of these rocket attacks by Hamas against Israel over the past decades, a Likud Netanyahu has decided that, ONCE AGAIN, he will not do a full cleanup and he will NOT finish the job once and for all by wiping out Hamas once and for all. Killing all the Hamas members once and for all, after all they are terrorists of the worst kind, isn’t it?!!!

    And for me, I would go as far as expulsing the entire population of Hamas once and for all to neighboring Arab countries and liberating Gaza fully with not a single Muslim inhabitant allowed to stay in Gaza forever. After all, Gaza is an Israeli territory according to the UN and yet not a single Israeli is allowed to live there!

    So, once again, as a kind of idiotic repeat of the past, we now go to a ceasefire and then back to “normal” in Gaza!! Hamas will rebuild itself in the coming months and years with better and more deadly rockets and the next deluge of rockets will see real pain and many deaths of Israelis!
    Have Israelis not seen this story repeat itself several times over in the past?!!!

    • Larry007 says :

      You should go ahead then with your plan…

    • Lynne says :

      Dear Wipe Out, I understand your frustration and anger. But, I cannot judge or condemn an entire group of people due to the actions of some of the members of that group. I know Palestinians who are good people, some of them are good people who have issues with Israel and are angry with Israel over those issues, but they are reasonable people who would like to sort out those issues and to live in peace. We seldom hear from those voices because of the danger that they face from Hamas or even from Fatah, and because they are never the loud, hostile voices that we hear. Being a moderate Palestinian is not easy, in many—probably in most cases it is not even safe. The Palestinian leadership (Abbas included) is TOXIC, poisoning society there, but there are free-thinkers, independent and good people who are not made toxic by their leadership. The good people are victims, too, because their legitimate concerns are not going to have a change to be sorted out in such an environment and there can be no chance for peace in such a vile, toxic situation. Hamas is a terrorist organization that cares nothing for the rights and well-being of the people of Gaza.

      • WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

        Hello Lynne, nice to hear from you.

        You have to understand that the Palestinians and Muslims that you meet in the USA or elsewhere often do not show their true feelings when they know that you are Jewish even though most of them are not shy to tell you how much they hate Israel, Israelis and Jews.

        The question is the following: it has been decades so far during which Israel has received regularly a deluge of rockets and previous governments have never taken the necessary actions to eradicate ONCE AND FOR ALL the problem LONG-TERM and FOREVER!!

        The only way to solve this problem is to expulse the entire population of Gaza forever and this way only will the deluge of rockets stop from being thrown at Israel from Gaza.
        If this solution is not implemented by Israel, Israel and Israelis will regularly receive a deluge of rockets from Gaza and you will have the following cycle repeats itself regularly: deluge of rockets, ceasefire, rebuilding of the rockets arsenal in preparation for the next deluge of rockets. This cycle has been in play for several decades so far in Israel. Do you want more decades of the same? Or do you want to take action now in such a way that it will be FOREVER, LONG-TERM by eradicating the cause of this problem, the Muslim population living in Gaza and that is there only to serve as a cover for Hamas. But do not make this Arab population of Gaza innocent because most of them (95% at least, if not more) support fully being in Gaza as a shield for Hamas’s terrorist actions.

        I remind you that expulsing the entire Muslim population of Gaza seems a drastic plan, Jews were expulsed from most Muslim countries at the creation of the State of Israel and no one complained about it!! So, it is not a big deal to do the same in Gaza considering that this Muslim population in Gaza is only there to cover Hamas’s terrorist activities.

        More, there is no hope of peaceful coexistence between Israeli Jews and Muslims in Gaza, in the West Bank and in Israel LONG-TERM. Why? Because Muslims’ only goal is to transform the State of Israel into a Muslim state and, while doing so, try to kill entirely the Israeli Jews. Therefore, with such a goal, why on earth any sane Israeli Jew would want to have a future alongside such an EVIL people, Muslims of Gaza, the West Bank and Israel? And yes, this goal is shared even by Arab-Israeli MKs (MK=Member of the Knesset)!! Who? Just one example among all the other Arab-Israeli MKs is particularly strikingis Haneen Zoabi’s very explicit rhetoric of hate against Israelis and the State of Israel when she received her MK’s salary from the State of Israel!!

        The time to live in a Utopian dream of coexistence between Israeli Jews and Muslims of Gaza, the West Bank and Israel (and of course from all over the world) is over!! Israel must decide:
        1) take action now for a result that will be LONG-TERM AND FOR EVER, or
        2) accept once again the cycle that I have described above and get ready for a new deluge of rockets from Gaza in a few months!!!
        These are the only two options available for the State of Israel. And do not state a third option because there is no third option!
        So, Lynne and other readers, what option do you choose?!! If you choose option 1, you also have to accept the full expulsion of the entire population of Gaza, as for this option 1 to work fully, it is the necessary condition.

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