A round-up of our rocket-full day so far

First I’d like to extend a warm welcome home to the 400 French Jews who made aliyah today! Even with rockets falling on us, Israel is the best place in the world to live.

In other good news, politicians in Holland voted unanimously to cut off all aid to the Palestinian Authority. Holland is the first country to do so and should be commended. I hope other countries follow their example — funding terrorists is really not the thing to do. “The parliament asserts that since 2011, the Palestinian Authority transfers money to Palestinian convicts in Israeli prisons, and that these moneys can have a negative effect, in which criminality and terrorism are rewarded,” read the motion which was submitted by the Christian Union and SGP: Reformed Political Party parties.

The Norwegian Foreign Minister had to run for his life in Ashkelon today when the sirens went off as he was touring the city. He made it to a bomb shelter and a good thing, as a rocket smashed a house close by. I was quite paranoid on the bus home from work today.

Hamas, it seems is not only ordering people to ignore the evacuation warnings sent by Israel (we told 100,000 folks in the North of Gaza City to evacuate by 8 a.m. today) but is threatening them that if they do evacuate that Hamas will take revenge on them and their families. As a result, only 20,000 people left their homes. 4 Palestinian children were killed in unclear circumstances –it may have been when we hit a target today or they may have stepped on one of the land mines Hamas buried in the sand on the beaches there.

As far as the claims the international media is making about how most of the Palestinian deaths have been innocent civilians, welllllll, Al Jazeera published a list of the names, ages, and spot they were killed and nearly 90% are MALES aged 16-45 (e.g. Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants) and almost all of the males older than 55 have been identified as senior Hamas and I.J. leaders. 20 women are on the list of dead and about a dozen children under 16, 8 of whom were killed on the second day when IDF forces saw the civilians exit a target at their warning, launched the rocket, and then to their horror saw a bunch of people with kids in tow running back into the building.

I woke up to one hell of a rocket barrage on Tel Aviv this morning. Boker tov it was not. Rockets have been flying thick and fast at our southern communities all day.

The 10-year old Israeli Bedouin girl hit by shrapnel is still fighting for her life in extremely critical condition but her sister is now out of critical condition and stable. Prayers and kind thoughts for their family and also for the families of the Palestinian children who died today.


12 responses to “A round-up of our rocket-full day so far”

  1. Mike says :

    Hey Yaeli, could you out in a link to the source on the Hamas threatening people if they leave their homes in Gaza. I’d like to send it out to some people and put it on Facebook. If it’s in Hebrew only, I hope somebody needs to translate it. People need to know.

    Thanks, have a good day even with all the rockets and stay strong. I think Boston Strong has nothing on Israeli Strong.

    • israeliminx says :

      I’ll try to hunt up a link for it, I heard it reported this morning on Reshet Bet (radio).

      • israeliminx says :

        Ok, Ynet has it toward the bottom of the article on the children killed today,

        “Shuja’iyya and Zaytoun are in the eastern outskirts of Gaza City. There are some 100,000 people in Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, but only some 20,000 of the civilians living there left their homes. The rest remained.

        There are three possible reasons for this: The first – the Gazans don’t believe that the IAF will deliver a massive pounding to the area; the second – the residents believe the IDF will not attack civilian targets; the third – Hamas is putting extreme pressure on civilians not to evacuate, and they heed Hamas’ calls out of fear. Hamas has been sending threatening messages to the population in recent hours, saying that they will take their revenge on those who evacuate. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4544412,00.html

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    When are you leaving Israel? Want to come to my arrival ceremony on Aug 12th?

  3. erin says :

    After all the nasty protests in France, I be moving to Israel too.

    • Lynne says :

      Erin, the ugliness and violence against Jews in France is disgusting, isn’t it? I don’t understand why so many of the Europeans are so evil and horrible, supporting terrorism against Israel. How can they support terrorism?

      • israeliminx says :

        It is more than supporting terrorism against Israel, there was a near pogrom in Paris the other day with thousands of people trying to attack Jews in two synagogues. Being a Jew in Europe is becoming an increasingly dangerous thing to be. Frightening things are happening in Germany and Belgium as well.

        • Lynne says :

          Yes, I agree. It’s getting worse. I was happy to read that Congress increased money for Israel to get more defenses like the Iron Dome.

  4. Tiger Mike says :

    I’m glad I never took the opportunity I had to live in Germany

    • Lynne says :

      Tiger Mike, yes, I agree. I am sure that there are many very good people in Europe, but there is also that hateful, intolerant element as well.

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