Hamas breaching the humanitarian ceasefire hurts primarily Gazans

Yeah, that didn’t last long. Hamas militants lack so little self-restraint that they couldn’t even sit around without firing off rockets for a full two hours much less the five hours of supposed cease firing. They obviously have a more severe case of ADHD than I do — perhaps we should be sending some Ritalin in along with the humanitarian aid that is going in during this supposed ceasefire.

This humanitarian ceasefire is not for Israel’s benefit. We’ve got all the food and medicines we need and, indeed, enough to daily ship some over to the people in Gaza – 70 big truckloads full a day since 2007. Free, we don’t charge for it or the items sent. We also give them free electricity (they haven’t paid their electric bill in more than 10 years).

So who does it hurt most to break the ceasefire and send rockets at Israeli civilians out and about thinking it is safe for a few hours to be out and about? Mostly it hurts the people in Gaza.


2 responses to “Hamas breaching the humanitarian ceasefire hurts primarily Gazans”

  1. Lynne says :

    Somehow, maybe with Tweets, there should be a way to get the facts out , passed a corrupt media that has a silence about the truth and is intent on vilifying Israel.

  2. erin says :

    Agreed Lynne. This is ridiculous.

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