In hours before ceasefire Hamas upping attacks, rocket hit Petach Tikva

I’m waiting on news as far as the rocket that landed in the neighbourhood next to mine, Petach Tikva. Our cities in Gush Dan (central Israel) are so close together that you can’t tell when you’ve passed from one to the other. I’m in Bnei Brak but the apartments across the street are in Ramat Gan. Petach Tikva is about 3 minutes away by car if there is no traffic. The Iron Dome intercepted the rest of the barrage.

Our amazing IDF stopped a major terrorist incursion this morning. At least 13 terrorists (they are still checking to make sure there weren’t any that got through and escaped) tried to come through a tunnel under our border close to the Kerem Shalom crossing with the intent to murder the residents of Kibbutz Suffa. At roughly 4:30 am the group was identified by IDF lookouts near the Kibbutz and the IDF fired on them and collapsed the tunnel.

Currently, Hamas is shooting rockets all over the south just without cease. That would be because a 5 hour humanitarian ceasefire is supposed to go into effect at 10 (in about half an hour). We’ll see if they actually honour it.


One response to “In hours before ceasefire Hamas upping attacks, rocket hit Petach Tikva”

  1. Lynne says :

    I despise Hamas, but I hate those in the international community that support them even more. They are morally bankrupt.

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