UNRWA apologizes for hoarding Hamas rockets in school

Israel has received an apology from the UNRWA for the fact that there were 20 lethal rockets being stored in one of their schools in Gaza. An apology? Really?

And just to whom, besides Israel for whom these rockets were meant to bring death and destruction, should they be apologizing? Perhaps to the children ostensibly learning — although G-d knows what they were being taught –who sat daily among this powder keg? To their parents? To the neighbours of the school? To the supporters of the United Nations?

Your apology is not accepted. This is not acceptable.

The U.N., in both Gaza and Lebanon, has a long damn history of collaborating with terrorists.

Check out Israelly Cool for more: http://www.israellycool.com/2014/07/17/sorry-is-not-enough-un/


9 responses to “UNRWA apologizes for hoarding Hamas rockets in school”

  1. Lynne says :

    The UN is a corrupt organization!

  2. erin says :

    please tell me this is going to be broadcast on national news!!!!

  3. Lynne says :

    Erin, CNN is continuing their misleading, biased reporting against Israel headlines to discredit Israel, and what shocks me is that CNN reported the measures that Israel takes to try to avoid harm to civilians in Gaza, but questioned “whether this was really psychological warfare”. Really? I would rather have a warning, as a siren in Israel warns, though only in advance of incoming missiles. Are warning sirens “psychological warfare” too?
    The mainstream media’s big story today is the deaths of four boys on a beach in Gaza, which is a tragedy, but of course, no mention of the Israeli children that are injured, of those cowering in shelters, running for their lives when they hear sirens. And, the mainstream media avoids information and articles about terrorists attacks on Israel, unless they can somehow slip in something that they hope will discredit Israel. I only read the news online to check accuracy in reporting.

    • Lynne says :

      TDDPirate, maybe off topic ( welcome though!) , but very worthwhile reading. Thanks for the link to the article!

  4. SirJohn says :

    I think I have an idea how to solve a couple of problems. As a New Yorker, like many, I always was annoyed at the presence of the UN in my neighborhood: alone the reckless driving and parking of the “diplomats” drives you nuts. And since the UN is rabidly anti-American anyway, why not simply move the complete headquarters to Gaza? That would free New York City from these useless people and therefore solve one problem.

    The next step then would be for the UN to hoard Hamas’ missiles etc. in their new headquarters. Finally, IDF would bomb the whole place and we would get rid of the UN for good. Problem two will be solved.

  5. israeliminx says :

    Sir John, Heh!

    Pirate — thanks for the link. Lea Thompson did some really great research about email and business negotiations and the fact that if you don’t start off with a ‘schmooze’ mail, telling a bit about yourself, life, family and so forth, the other person will assume you’ve got Machiavellian intentions if you don’t respond immediately to their email and will read intentions into your words that aren’t there and you get much worse deals negotiated or no deal at all.

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