Bill Clinton: Hamas’ ‘crass strategy’ forces Israel to kill Palestinian civilians

Hat tip Israpundit

Bill Clinton laid the deaths of Palestinian civilians squarely at the feet of Hamas:

“Hamas was perfectly well aware of what would happen if they started raining rockets into Israel. They fired one thousand and they have a strategy designed to force Israel to kill their own civilians so that the rest of the world will condemn them.

They (Israel) know when Hamas attacks them that Hamas has set up a situation which politically it can’t lose, because they (Israelis) can say ‘well if I attack them back they always hide behind civilians and I’ll kill civilians, and if I don’t we’ll look like fools letting somebody shoot a thousand rockets at us and not responding.’

In the short and medium term Hamas can inflict terrible public relations damage by forcing (Israel) to kill Palestinian civilians to counter Hamas. But it’s a crass strategy.”


8 responses to “Bill Clinton: Hamas’ ‘crass strategy’ forces Israel to kill Palestinian civilians”

  1. Lynne says :

    Yes, well better than what (expletive deleted) Obama has said, and what his crappy spokewoman from the State Department said, indicating that Israel needs to be significantly more careful not to harm civilians. No one with any sense knows what corrupt and rotten Obama Administration is trying to do: discredit Israel, when the US forces do not take the care that the IDF does to try to avoid harm to Civilians. One of the big issues that the Pakistan government has expressed is that the US too often kills innocent people in military operations.

  2. Lynne says :

    Ooops. That should read: No one with any sense DOUBTS what the corrupt and rotten Obama Administration is trying to do: discredit Israel….
    I should not comment while I am furious, too many typos.

    • israeliminx says :

      LOL know the feeling. You are 100% spot on. Perhaps Israel should start criticizing the U.S. after every one of their drone strikes kills a non-combatant to give Obama a taste of his own medicine. Grrrrrrrrrr.

      • Lynne says :

        Did you read about CNN’s Dianne Magnay calling Israelis “scum” as she reported from Israel? She has been “reassigned” to Moscow….she should be fired. Ben Wedeman should be fired. I won’t watch CNN one moment since this latest round of anti-Israel reporting. I am done with them. I avoid them like the plague.

  3. Lynne says :

    DIANNE MAGNAY calling Israel “scum” as she reports from Israel: From Breitbart:
    So Israelis cheered as the IDF went into Gaza to try to stop the rocket fire on civilians in Israel, and they cheered when the IDF hit targets that were firing into Israel, so let’s compare that to the extremists in Gaza who celebrated the news of the murder of three Israeli teens, and handed out candy on 9/11… and name their streets, buildings and squares after terrorists who kill children in Israel.
    But perhaps Ms. Magnay has been under a ROCK and did not know these things, and maybe after her rotten and biased coverage of Israel, she should CRAWL RIGHT BACK UNDER HER ROCK. She is not a professional; if CNN employers her, they have no claim to professionalism either.

    • dumbledoresarmy says :

      Just outta curiosity. Here, I don’t follow multiple media outlets. Our Aussie ABC is basically very lukewarm toward Israel and mostly pro the ‘palestians’ (sic), but it hasn’t ever been using the latest skirmish / mini-battle as a lead story in its main online news portal. It’s spending a LOT more time, right now, talking about the Malaysian plane that got shot down over Ukraine, as 28 Aussies were on board. But the impression I have got, looking at such “Israel vs Gaza” stories as have been run, is that the aussie ABC has NOT ever sent its reporter out to do a clip along the lines of “here I am in Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem/ wherever and tseva adom is going off and people are running for cover”. Zilch. No interest whatever in doing a stand-alone story on what Israeli civilians have been – and are – going through.
      So, here’s my question. Is there ANY US or European national news channel that has made any effort at all to devote something like equal time to coverage of the *Israeli* experience of Life Under Neverending Random Rocket Fire ?

      PS The other gap, of course, is the western media’s refusal to tell us about the way in which Hamas brainwashes even tiny little children to hate Jews qua Jews. I don’t believe that in any part of our media in Australia I’ve ever seen our “Middle East” correspondents utter a peep about the scale and intensity of vulgarly vile antisemitic nonsense and lies that suffuses so much of the media of the Arab/ Islamic world. I’ve never seen a feature story discussing in detail the hair-raising contents of the Hamas Charter or for that matter the contents of the PLO Charter of 1968 that Jacques Ellul, that astute French sociologist and friend and mentor of Bat Yeor, meticulously analysed and, having done so, concluded that it was “a perfect expression of the Jihad”.

      • Lynne says :

        Dumbledoresarmy, similar media situation in the US, with the exception of FoxNews, which the liberals hate. It has higher ratings though than most media sources, and some like CNN have really low ratings. CNN, CBS, and ABC, and not to mention the BBC in the UK, are extremely anti-Israel. One would think that Israel is the most reprehensible country in the world today and ever…a media attitude which proves the media’s bias and anti-Semitisim. No matter what atrocities happen in the world, it gets only passing interest compared to the anti-Israel stories coming out in the media. Compare the coverage of the present situation in this conflict with what is happening in Iraq, for example, where hundreds of people have been murdered in cold blood. Executed, tortured….but let’s criticize Israel without basis for any criticism at all. ISIS is a true threat to world peace, but the morons in the media focus all their energy condemning tiny Israel—a tiny country that has never provoked a war with anyone. They are guilty of defending their country and their citizens.
        Only Fox News has shown the Israeli perspective, while CNN has been blatantly pro-Hamas and anti-Israel, especially with reporting by the creepy Ben Wedeman.
        Never a mention of Hamas’ brainwashing of children, of incitement of hatred and murder of Jews (not just in Israel but everywhere), not a peep about the murder of children in Israel and recently a very lukewarm response to the murders of three Israeli teens. No mention of the naming of buildings after terrorists. Nope.

  4. israeliminx says :

    Yeah, that about sums it up. The majority of the media have a left slant and so take a Palestinian apologist attitute. 170,000 civilians in Syria have been killed, right next door, including dozens in a major bombing there in Domascus today and not a peep.

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