Definitely not a quiet Shabbat, 2nd round of attacks on Tel Aviv area tonight

The sirens went off a few hours ago all across the center and it was an unusual occurrence in that it was a double code red. The sirens went, there were a bunch of booms, the siren died down and then immediately revved up again. There were more explosions. It was like, dude, is it ever going to stop?

Then just a few minutes ago we were treated to another round of rockets. I counted 6 explosions. The first two sounded like maybe they were over Rishon Letzion but the last three were very loud and window shaking.

But here’s a bit of humour to lighten the evening. Khaled Abu Toameh, an Israeli-Arab journalist who is just awesome, tweeted a video out of Egypt in which the female Egyptian TV host gave a message to Hamas: “We’re not going to open the Rafah border. So what if you get killed.”

Ok, these Egyptian tv presenters are hysterical as they slam Hamas. Subtitles so enjoy!


3 responses to “Definitely not a quiet Shabbat, 2nd round of attacks on Tel Aviv area tonight”

  1. Lynne says :

    LOL!!!! These EGYPTIAN TV PRESENTERS are as hilarious as they are intelligent and well-informed. Thank you, Egypt, for your honesty and fairness!

  2. israeliminx says :

    I love the last one and the ones offering to drive Khaled Meshal to the border themselves in their own cars and wave him off to ‘be a real man’ and the ones making fun of Haniyeh’s growing girth.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Concerning the Israeli troops entering Gaza, the question is: what will happen LONG-TERM following this new Israeli action?

    To go into Gaza and to get rid of the tunnels and to kill a few terrorists, will these actions solve the problem LONG-TERM? The answer is NO! It will be only another repeat of the same actions that the Israelis took in the past when they entered Gaza and then moved back.

    So, what is the only solution to these rocket attacks from Gaza by Hamas?
    1) Full expulsion of ALL the inhabitants of Gaza FOREVER! To neighboring Arab countries except Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.
    After all, Gaza is, according to the UN, an Israeli territory where no Israeli currently lives. It is about time to change that.
    I remind you that Jews were expulsed from most Arab countries at the creation of the State of Israel and no one complained about it!! Therefore, to expulse terrorists (those that would be still alive, most should be killed) along with the highly complicit population that is in Gaza only to protect Hamas and company, it would certainly not be a big deal.

    2) Killing of all the Hamas terrorists and all the Hamas politicians. Yes, terrorists are killed, not spared!

    Only point 1) and 2) would give Israel a LONG-TERM AND FOREVER SOLUTION to the many cycles of rocket attacks from Gaza by Hamas and company that has been done for decades!!
    There is no other solution that would provide a LONG-TERM AND FOREVER SOLUTION to the many rocket attacks from Gaza by Hamas. That is the reality, the truth as unsavory that it might be for a few leftists.

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