Hamas asks for 2-hr ceasefire, then Hamas fires on Israel repeatedly during ‘ceasefire’

Thus far Hamas agreed to a 6-hour ceasefire, Israel also agreed. Israel did not fire during those six hours but Hamas shelled, rocketed and attempted to infiltrate Israel during the entire supposed ceasefire. Hamas rejected the second proposed ceasefire, Israel agreed to a ceasefire. Round #3: Hamas called for a 2-hour humanitarian ceasefire. Israel agreed. Hamas has now used that ceasefire to shoot and shell Israeli troops and to send more than half a dozen rockets at Israeli civilian cities.

In addition, there are reports that Hamas is attacking Fatah supporters in Gaza and breaking their arms and legs.

They’ve not allowed foreign reporters to leave Gaza.

They’ve got a full-on witch hunt on as well and are snapping up people they suspect, with no proof, may, possibly, be giving information to Israel. Then they are shooting them and dragging their bodies through the streets.


2 responses to “Hamas asks for 2-hr ceasefire, then Hamas fires on Israel repeatedly during ‘ceasefire’”

  1. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Death cultists. Vile, violent, cowardly, sadistic death cultists. Ghazis. Human beings who have turned themselves into something resembling rabid dogs. May the Holy One of Israel protect the young soldiers of Israel – and, I am sure, their K-9 companions – and give great wisdom to their commanders as they go in against these demon-possessed creatures to try to stop them.

    • Lynne says :

      Dumblesdoresarmy, yes, and also there are what those journalists who report from Gaza, and editors in the UK and US and other countries who hide the atrocities of Hamas while vilifying Israel, continuously, fanning hatred of Israel. They are not as obviously vile, but true evil is often not conspicuous. CNN has published pictures of Gaza and stories of the horror there (and we KNOW that it is bad there, and no one likes that fact, but it’s Hamas that is the cause of the suffering on both sides of the border). Only Jake Tapper at CNN has done fair reporting. I have not seen any articles about the effects of the constant rocket attacks on Israel. Not one sympathetic article, and no pictures of rocket damage in Israel.
      World leaders and the corrupt media are enabling Hamas to carry out these terrible crimes against Israel and their own people in Gaza.
      The journalists on CNN, Ben Wedeman and others, harp on the fact that in spite of the fact of the IDF warnings the people of Gaza “have no place to go”. They have the same places to go that the Israelis have: Out of harm’s way if possible. Do Israelis enjoy being in shelters, having their homes and businesses blown up? How about the thousands of kids under attack in their homes, schools, and playgrounds? On CNN, CBS, ABC, there have been extensive articles about the effects of war on the kids in Gaza, but what about the kids in Israel? These media organizations are truly evil, and they are making a bad situation much, much worse by hiding the truth about the situation and by presenting Hamas as the victim. I am just furious; Hamas is a terrorist organization and it is terrorizing the people in both Israel and Gaza.

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