Hamas has been targeting the center heavily today

Sirens have gone off here twice today, once this morning and once this afternoon. The Iron Dome missed one of the incoming and it hit in Tel Aviv but thankfully in an open area. The sound of a ground hit is a lot louder than the booms you get when the Iron Dome takes one out. Earlier, while our sirens didn’t go off, I heard the distant boom of a rocket being taken out just short of Rishon and a few minutes ago a loud boom that came in through my back, rather than front windows. I could hear the Petach Tikva sirens (sirens also went in Hod HaSharon and HaEyin). The south, as usual, has been under constant fire.

We’ve lost seven more soldiers today but we also had a miracle when a house in Ashdod got a direct hit from a 30 kilo warhead –that didn’t go off.

Here’s an image of where Hamas is hiding rockets and even shooting rockets from. The Hamas were shooting rockets earlier from a building directly beside a hospital. The percussion from the blast of the bomb we dropped on the rocket shooter damaged the hospital and injured some of the Palestinians inside. What do you do? You have to take out the rocket launcher targeting our civilians, protecting your own has to take precedence over protecting others if push comes to shove. In this case it was one of the launchers that has been targeting Tel Aviv and so the push was beyond a shove. Sometimes it is like you are in a burning building surrounded by kids and you can only get some out –but you make damn sure that of the ones you do, your own kid(s) are among them. You grab them first.


20 responses to “Hamas has been targeting the center heavily today”

  1. Lynne says :

    Hamas needs to stop shooting rockets into Israel, stop hiding behind civilians in Gaza and endangering them. They are responsible for the civilian deaths through their actions.
    I have read much in the media about the ground invasion. Do people not get it that the ground invasion was chosen to try to continue minimizing and avoiding as much a humanly possible harm to the people in Gaza? It endangers the young IDF soldiers. The IAF could totally take out all rocket launches with an air operation, but that would mean more harm to civilians, given the fact that the rockets are in homes,schools, in mosques and in hospitals.
    The broadcasts from Egypt discussing Hamas are hilarious, but so true as well. Across the world, many are seeing that Hamas is not only a terrorist organization, but a group of cowards.

    • SirJohn says :

      This of course is right. There would be a much easier and less dangerous (for IDF) way to solve the Gaza problem: carpet bomb the whole place like they did German cities in WWII. Send in wave after wave of bombers for 72 hours and not one building will remain standing and 90% of the people there will be dead. The rest then can be taken out by follow up attacks by combat helicopters. Most likely this could be done without a single Israeli casualty,
      Not doing so and risking the precious lives of IDF soldiers in a ground invasion is a choice.

      • israeliminx says :

        Sir John, You are absolutely right. When London and other cities were hit in the Blitz their response was to simply level German cities (entirely civilian targets) with as much warning as they got from the Germans –none. We have the right to do that but, as you say, we make the choice not to do that.

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    Yael, Whats with all the ceasefire talk?

    • Lynne says :

      From over here, I got the impression that there is the usual pressure from the corrupt and rotten UN, as well as pressure from the usual countries that have records and histories that are hardly exemplary. I also got the impression that John Kerry was prepared to push the Egyptian ceasefire proposal. And, I was sorry to hear that the US is pledging millions to Gaza for “rebuilding” and we know where that will go. As the Egyptian TVcommentators note: Right into the pockets of the Hamas leaders for their lavish lifestyles. So, I have not heard anything on the Israeli side yet, but I bet we hear something tomorrow. I just hope that Obama does not pressure Israel into something that is detrimental to Israeli security. It’s happened before.

      • SirJohn says :

        As a Jewish-German journalist some years ago remarked: the world is used to seeing Jewish victims. The world can’t stand seeing Jews who refuse to be victims. So, as always, once Israel is defending herself, everyone and his mother is doing everything they can to stop that and to return Jews to being complacent victims again.
        I hope Netanyahu remains deaf to that cease-fire nonsense. Just imagine the world would have stopped fighting Hitler every 6 weeks. WWII would have dragged on for decades.

    • israeliminx says :

      Tiger, there’s been ceasefire talk from before we ever fired anything 🙂 We’ve accepted a whole string of ceasefires and abided by them — Hamas has not, nor have they accepted a viable ceasefire. We’ve getting close to having reached our goal of taking out the terror tunnels. The rocket stockpile not as much but progressing. We could agree to a ceasefire tomorrow or next week –the ball is in Hamas’ court and so far they haven’t wanted to step up.

  3. Tiger Mike says :

    I just read that tomorow’s Nefesh B’Nefesh arrival ceremoney has been cancled due to the security situation. I understand that there are a number of “Lone Soldiers” on board the flight.

    I wish I wasn’t so old and fat so I could join them.

    • dumbledoresarmy says :

      You may not be able to fight. But you can donate to Magen David Adom, and I’m sure you already know about assorted Israeli charities that are looking after 1/ people traumatised by the continual rocketfire and 2/ Israel’s brave young soldiers and their families. And you – like so many of us – can be an armchair/ keyboard warrior fighting against the flood of BS , nonsense and lies that is filling cyberspace and warping the media coverage. We can serve notice on our media outlets and on the politicians of our respective countries; tell them the truth so they can’t pretend they didn’t know. And if a pro-Israel rally is organised in our hometowns, you and I in our separate countries can go to it…taking along as many friends as we can, both for security reasons and to boost the numbers. Lots we can do…

      • Lynne says :

        Tiger Mike and Dumbledoresarmy, and your comments here are tremendous help, encouraging those of us who support Israel! You must not under-estimate the value of your contributions to this blog.

      • Tiger Mike says :

        dumbledoresarmy, I won’t be able to do much in my home town much longer. My wife and I are on the Aug. 11th NBN flight.

    • israeliminx says :

      There are lots of ways to fight Tiger and combat is just one of them –you’ve been doing a fantastic job in your community for years getting the truth out and that is a huge part of the battle 🙂 Dumbledores Army has been doing an amazing job as well — I love the term keyboard warrior! You guys are helping. It is important for the world to know the truth of what is going on, what the situation really is and they don’t get it from the media that is for damn sure.

      • Tiger Mike says :

        Yael, Its hard for a Man of Action like Tiger Mike to stand on the sidelines when there is a war going on. Last time there was a war in Gaza I tried like hell to get over to Israel to work for Sar-El. I couldn’t mangae it. Now I feel like my Aliyah is going to be about two weeks late. (I figure there is going to be a cease fire in about 4 days. Then we will have to do the whole thing over again in two years. Except that hamas will have better weapons and tactics then)

        The country which I am adopting and which is adopting me is at war. The leasI I can do is actualy be there during the danger.

        • israeliminx says :

          Don’t worry, in all likelihood this will all be repeated a few months, years down the line unfortunately and then you’ll be here to do your part. If it does happen again while I am Stateside, you’ll find me flying in and crashing on your couch or under your couch depending on the situation 🙂

          A lot of the things you can do in the meantime are things that most of us here are limited to doing –but you can do it better because of your flawless english — and that is writing to reporters who are covering things with bias and correcting them (and writing to their bosses). I got a semi-something out of one of the reporters who wrote the piece on Time repeating the Jenin myth via twitter — her semi-something matters less than the fact that all of twitter readers were able to see the facts I shot at her about the claims made to classify it as a ‘massacre’ and the UN and independent bodies that investigated them found to be utterly without basis and untrue.

          But I know how you feel. If I were abroad right now I’d be clawing tooth and nail to get back here.

          • Lynne says :

            Yaeli, try to stay there now. You will have some time, and make some time by staying there and exploring options. Israel is a wonderful democracy and a great place to live.

          • Tiger Mike says :

            We have rented a two bedroom apartment. So you wouldn’t have to crash on the couch

  4. Lynne says :

    The presence of you and your family will make Israel stronger.

  5. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    With now 32 Israeli soldiers killed, I hope the Israeli government is going to finish the job once and for all and LONG-TERM. The problem is that this can be done only if Israel expulses the entire Gaza population and it is not going to happen anytime soon unfortunately. Therefore, in six months to a year, repeat the cycle another time and repeat again and again and again until one Israeli government says “OK, enough is enough, get ALL in Gaza the hell of out Gaza and never ever show your f-g faces again!!”. Until this time comes, repeat this current scenario in six months ad infinitum!! That is the sad reality.

    With 32 Israeli soldiers killed, they should at least wipe out (yes, kill) all the Hamas terrorists including all the Hamas masterminds.

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