Wow, John Kerry stepped up, put CNN’s Candy Crowley in her place

He gave a very strong, forceful and supportive statement of Israel. Kudos. Thank you and hats off Mr. Kerry. I’ve been pretty (yeah I like understatement) critical of Kerry but this time he won my respect.


5 responses to “Wow, John Kerry stepped up, put CNN’s Candy Crowley in her place”

  1. Lynne says :

    That is the strongest statement I have heard to date in favor of Israel. and being HONEST about the conflict, the unfairness of Hamas and the fact clearly stated that Hamas is a terrorist organization. There is no doubt that Candy Crowley is anti-Israel, but I am glad that she asked the question so that the issue was in the open and that Kerry could respond. That he responded the way that the did has earned my gratitude.
    Of course the rights and concerns of the Palestinian people need to be considered, and I want them to be (as do most Israelis), and resolution to the conflict will come from honest, well-balanced and well-intentioned people, not Hamas, those who defend Hamas, or any other extremist, terrorist groups.
    In all my visits to Israel and in all my conversations with Israelis, I have never heard anyone express blind hatred of the Palestinians, only disgust and hatred of extremists. Likewise, among my Palestinian friends and acquaintances, I have surely heard them express concerns about issues, but as with the Israelis, they too express always the wish for a peaceful, sane mutual resolution of the conflict, and no tolerance at all for extremists.

  2. SirJohn says :

    I wish he wouldn’t send 47 million of my tax and others’ tax dollars to these monsters. The US needs to stop supporting the palestinians

    • Lynne says :

      Sir John, I totally agree. When I was a teacher and various agencies were handing over lots of money to the irresponsible parents of some of my students with special needs, it was such a huge waste. Not a penny got spent on the kids for the services that they desperately needed. I doubt that the Palestinian people will see any of this money spent productively and for their benefit. It will be stolen by Hamas leaders, used to buy more weapons, or squandered in other ways. If the US wants to help the Palestinian people, the services could be provided directly by the US, and never would money go into Hamas’ hands. They are corrupt, greedy, and they do not care about the Palestinian people.

  3. israeliminx says :

    Yeah, don’t you love it. The leaders in Gaza took the billions of dollars in aid they’ve received and done two things with it 1) they lined their own pockets — Meshal, Haniyeh etc have become multi-milionaires and 2) they used it to build these terror catacombs (each tunnel cost something like 30 million dollars to build) and to buy rockets and drones and mortars and not for use for the people or to build a functioning society. So give them more money, great idea.

    • Lynne says :

      It would be great to move the people OUT of parts of Gaza, to level it and build them back something that functions. I think that there should be a mile wide perimeter around Gaza, at least a mile, controlled by the IDF, and nothing else there at all. It might need to be on Israeli land, but it’s needed wherever it is. A mile would put an obstacle in the building of those tunnels.

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