Hamas leaders fly same private jet as my Israeli cats?

Well now, take a look at the picture below. Remember back in February how I got a donated ride on a private jet to transport 21 (16 of them in my care) Israeli cats to a sanctuary in the U.S.? (If you missed it, I’ll put the video below. At 9 min it is kind of long and if anyone with good vid skills could help me cut it down to 2 minutes I’d luv you). One of the things the pilot told us was that our jet regularly flew both Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney but mostly serviced luminaries in the Middle East. The interior of the private jet the Hamasniks are flying in the pic below looks identical down to the carpet. I think Meshal is sitting in my seat. The only difference is it includes a bunch of crazy people rather than a passel of innocent cats.


2 responses to “Hamas leaders fly same private jet as my Israeli cats?”

  1. SirJohn says :

    I think this is not the same cabin. Go to 1:54 in your video and compare. Your cats don’t fly Hamas airlines 🙂

    • israeliminx says :

      LOL, well flew, a once in a lifetime experience for which they and I will be eternally grateful but for different reasons. They definitely are not interested in getting a frequent flier card for that or any other airplane. I, on the other hand, man. I was always jealous as I passed all the folks in first class and business class and now I look on them with pity as I make my way to what now seems like the abject torture seating section. Sigh. Anyone who says that money can’t make you happy has never had the economy vs private jet experience.

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