We’ve got a missing soldier. No to release of terrorists in any kind of exchange

This is bad. We have a soldier missing in action in Gaza. It is presumed he is dead because he and 6 others were in a vehicle that was destroyed in an attack and all the others were killed in the explosion. Alive or dead we need to take the stand that we will not release any prisoners to get him back. Period. We went the Gilad Shalit route and that should be the last time we go that route.


9 responses to “We’ve got a missing soldier. No to release of terrorists in any kind of exchange”

  1. XsouthAfricanGal says :

    I’m getting tired of this… I’m on Arutz 10 on the telly.. Nothing was said of this.. After the terrible rumors of dead soldiers on the whats-app (parents were told that their son was killed (turned to be false) I take my info from official sources and Aljazeera for the “other side” . All the rest with a pinch of salt

    • israeliminx says :

      IDF spokesman confirmed it about an hour ago via their official twitter feed. Usually info off that feed takes between half-hour to couple of hours to make it into the newscasts/news websites. Jpost has it now as lead story. The deal is though, he may not actually be missing so much as not yet identified –there were problems (use your imagination) in identifying the other six that caused a major delay in release of their names. Hamas may not have him so much as pieces of him.

    • Lynne says :

      The information has been cleared now for publiciation: It’s the lead story on YNET.

  2. tddpirate says :

    Now it would be an extremely tough position for me to take.
    The missing soldier is nephew of a good family friend.

    • israeliminx says :

      Pirate I understand. But I also know the position the families of the people who have been murdered by the terrorists released in the Shalit deal –not the families of those they’d murdered before but those that have been murdered since the release. The three kidnapped boys would not have been kidnapped if that 1,000-plus exchange had not been made for Gilad and they would not be doing everything in their power now to kidnap soldiers and civilians.

      When the boys were missing, their families said they would not support releasing terrorists to get them back, an incredibly brave and terrible decision to have to make but one that was right. If g-d forbid it were a member of my own family I’d have to take the same position and I’d hope if it were me that neither my family nor country would agree to let loose terrorists on my behalf and thus endanger the lives of others.

      We know they don’t have all of him because we have, essentially, extras not belonging to what was pieced together to the other 6. The military rabbinate, coroners and id-in-this-situation experts are still working on identification of his remains. He can’t be formally declared dead until all of the verifications necessary under Jewish law are met to assure that this is him and, of course, we have to do everything within reason to get any missing parts back. This is the first time the military has ever used the words ‘presumed dead’ and only made the release that he is missing and ‘presumed dead’ because of the public stir the Hamas claims have caused. Until his remains are identified, he is technically missing in action. It is pretty clear that we have enough of his remains that while he isn’t officially dead, he is not alive.

    • Lynne says :

      TDDPirate, I feel as you do. He is not my relative, but I cannot imagine leaving him in Hamas’ hands. I would trade or do anything to get him back. Just about anything within reason.
      IF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY WANTED TO DO SOMETHING RIGHT FOR A DAMN CHANGE, THEY WOULD DEMAND THAT HE BE RELEASED OR HIS BODY RETURNED PROPERLY TO HIS FAMILY. But the truth is that the UN and the usual jackals that pass for journalists and world leaders will not hold Hamas to standards of decency while bashing Israel.

  3. SirJohn says :

    If he is still alive this will be another extremely difficult decision I am glad i won’t have to make. There are not really many difficult decisions in a politician’s life, but this one will be one: to negotiate or not.

    Now, it is unlikely to find him in the chaotic maze of Gaza. But what would I do if I had to say anything? I would send Mossad to grab a high ranking Hamas guy. Or two. And then clearly state: the soldier against the honcho. You have 24 hours. After that, if the soldier is not back unharmed, the honcho will be dead.

    Oh yeah, the liberals of the world would howl. Who cares?

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