El Al is not a wuss, and I smell a U.S. political rat

I know that people are a bit paranoid as a result of the Dutch KLM flight being blown up by a rocket over the Ukraine by Russian separatists/Russia but you also have to admit that the timing is a bit strange for the sudden FAA decision to bar all flights into and out of Israel by American carriers, a move that set off a chain reaction among European carriers.

The timing is strange in two ways. The first is that Hamas was hitting the central part of the country (where the airport is) much more aggressively in the first week and a half of this conflict than it is now. The airport was far more in danger of being hit then –and it was never in danger. Not then, not now.

There are multiple Iron Dome batteries protecting the airport and while the accuracy of each individual Iron Dome is not 100% (so far hitting 90%), rockets with a trajectory that could threaten the airport or flights are tracked by those multiple Iron Domes and taken out well in advance. So, the FAA and airlines were unconcerned about ‘safety’ when the center of the country was under much more severe and heavy rocket attacks but now that rocket attacks on the center have significantly decreased, they are so worried that they grounded all flights in and out?

The second strange thing with the timing is that the first two airlines, before the FAA decree which came only a bit later, to cancel flights did so simultaneously …and about 20 minutes after John Kerry flew out.

Update: I took the remarks about Syria out as they were incorrect.

So, smelling an Obama administration/State Department rat? It reeks.


10 responses to “El Al is not a wuss, and I smell a U.S. political rat”

  1. Mike says :

    I was thinking the same thing.

  2. SirJohn says :

    Of course things are political, but I think the (over-)reaction now is mostly caused by the MH shootdown over Ukraine. Until then nobody cared if planes were flying across so called “crisis areas” because until then it appeared planes at the typical cruising altitude would be safe. Flights are continuing across Iraq, Afghanistan etc. However, since 2012 no flights have been going to Damascus, and since Turkish military jets provoked the pretty good Syrian air defense system a couple of times in the past, most civilian traffic is not crossing Syria any more either, as you can see yourself at flightradar24.com.

    • israeliminx says :

      Hmmm, I noted Syria because I went to one of the cheap ticket sites and it listed flights for American Airlines …do they do a carrier switch at some pt then?

      • SirJohn says :

        Currently no flights at all arrive or leave at Damascus. The last international carrier stopped flying there in 2012. SyrianAir also basically is defunct. Today, people who want to go to or leave from Syria use Beirut.

  3. Larry007 says :

    Well, I read a comment today in Ynet that now because of the flights interdiction the israeli government will order the army to stop all incoming missiles from Gaza to put an end to the thread to the civilian flights. Which means the operation will grow broader and Hamas will be hit harder…So I guess that political rat will backfire…

  4. Lynne says :

    Larry007, yes, I just read YNET and your are right. I noticed also that the airport in Ovda, in the desert, might be opened. I think that this would be a good plan anyway, for Israel to have two international airports.

  5. Lynne says :

    Read this interesting article on Arutz Sheva: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/15381 (Hope that link works.)

  6. Scott Mayweather. says :

    You do realize that American Jews voted for Obama don’t you? He probably wouldn’t have gotten elected withou tthem..

    • SirJohn says :

      Nobody ever said American Jews were smarter than others. I hope they learned from their mistake, though.

      • Lynne says :

        Sir John, I agree. I find it very puzzling that so many in the American Jewish community supported Obama, and continue to support him. I, too, hope that they wake up and take a look at reality: Obama is not only bad for Israel; Obama is making a mess of the entire world, and the US, of course, through his weakness, poor decisions and leadership, and his philosophy.

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