IDF calls to Wafa hospital and hit on a terror center (video)

We dropped two bombs on the target, all the other explosions were from weapons stored inside. Unfortunately, because we were calling and warning for days to avoid any civilian casualties, most of the terrorists also were not present (10 were still there) and they managed to remove a lot of the rockets. However, from the multiple secondary explosions you can see that they didn’t manage to get them all out.


7 responses to “IDF calls to Wafa hospital and hit on a terror center (video)”

  1. Larry007 says :

    Have you seen what Tzipi Livni had to say to UN Human Rights organization? I never thought she has it in her. Makes me think twice about her.

  2. Mike says :

    I know I’m probably the only person who feel this way, but for whatever reason, I’ve always liked Livni. I think she has a much better sense of how to operate in the international arena than a lot of Israel politicians. She bends when needed and I think stand firm when needed. Again, I know I’m one of the few who feels this way.

    • Lynne says :

      Mike, I agree. In terms of how to handle the international community, she has a degree of finesse. Not perfect….but perhaps effective?

  3. Scott Mayweather. says :

    Don’t call! That’s plain dumb.

    Civilian casualties are inevitable in war. That’s what makes war so horrible but sometimes it must be fought.

    Those who will hate you will hate you regardless. SO, you might as well do what it takes.

    How many civilians died in WWII?

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