Mischa has to go to the vet tomorrow. Really worried

All three of the cats have been acting ‘off’ since our situation began a couple of weeks ago. It makes it hard to tell if there is a serious health issue happening or not. Mischa definitely is experiencing a serious health issue. He cries after he eats and today he has mostly projectile vomited everything he did eat and is now begging for food he won’t eat. Vet, tomorrow, first thing.


10 responses to “Mischa has to go to the vet tomorrow. Really worried”

  1. Lynne says :

    No, I agree. This cannot be good, so prepare yourself. I believe that it is much more than anxiety or stress. Keep us posted on his situation. Poor Mischa; I am so sorry to hear he is so sick.

  2. erin says :

    Aww…Poor Mischa. Ask Ronen to see if steroids would help his tummy to settle. Vlad had those same symptoms and they did a snap test to check for pancretitis. It was negative, but he didn’t show anything on the ridiculously expensive tests that the emergency vet ran either. My vet on a hunch gave him a steroid because she suspected IBS and guess what? She was right!! too bad I didn’t know that till after my 2500 vet bill from the ER folks. I am wondering if the stress upset his stomach and it is just getting exacerbated…My vet said once their little tummies get upset to the projectile vomiting point they often need the steroids and IV fluids just to get them back to a stable point. Now he is on a super special (read ridiculously expensive) fiber rich GI food and he is back to his old self….Keep us posted!

    • Lynne says :

      Erin, those are all good ideas. Really, steroids prescribed correctly are amazing, especially for these kinds of symptoms. And, they are fast acting as well so the animal has quicker relief. Pancreatitis is a possibility or just plain old IBS or any stomach inflammation. For any of these things, the steroids generally help. If it is pancreatitis, I am trying to remember…are antibiotics also given? Sometimes instead of running expensive tests, a good guess is helpful, especially when the treatments are often similar or the same. And, yes, IV fluids or sub-q fluids is helpful. I hope that Ronen can figure out the best course of treatment tomorrow. Mischa’s health is not great, so I hope that it is not something worse, though those conditions are bad enough. Glad to hear that Vlad is over his problem!

  3. erin says :

    I got super lucky with my regular vet. She used to work in a cat only hospital and she has the patience of a saint. Vlad is allergic to everything and has asthma on top of his tummy troubles. Dr. Lovern is also the only one who can handle Vlad without getting the crap scratched out of her. He has quite a reputation :/

    I have determined that if I do move to Israel, I will most certainly need to live close enough to Ronen because he sounds like he would take good care of my boys.

    • Lynne says :

      Erin, I believe that you would love Israel. And, Ronen must be one of the best vets in the entire world. He is so caring and dedicated, as well as the perfect professional. How many pets do you have? All cats? One of my cats has asthma and takes prednisolone for it, which helps him tremendously. He as having stomach issues, and the pred. sorted that out, too. He is doing very well since starting it.

      • erin says :

        I have 2 pets, Vladie the cat and Patches the dog. Vlad gets the long acting injectable steroids for his asthma and allergies and that has worked great for him. He also gets benadryll before any vaccines because of course he has vaccine reactions….

        Patches the pup needs a good vet just in case. He tends to get himself into trouble. He’s a mega chewer and counter surfer and has had a few close calls because of it. He makes quite a racket when we have to go to the vet. Lots of hound dog howling, planting of the feet so we can’t move him around, slipping all over the waxed floors….it’s a real clown show. He also hates the car because we were in a horrible car accident with a tractor trailer truck two summers ago.

        I think I would love Israel too. I just need to get the finances together to make that huge a move and to not be going with a guaranteed job. My plan is to spend a few days volunteering at Aleh, a residential facility for kiddos with special needs when I come to visit next summer. There are several locations, but the infant program is in Bnei Brak. Since I have my teaching license in birth to age 5 special ed, I am hoping that I would be able to transfer that experience. Plus, if they are little little guys that would give me a chance to learn some Hebrew before I was expected to have major conversations 🙂

  4. israeliminx says :

    Erin, Vladie and Patches sound adorable and are getting such good care and love from you! Major mitzvah!!

    If you haven’t already contact Nefesh b’ Nefesh (http://www.nbn.org.il/) and AACI, seriously invaluable resources for planning aliyah here whether soon or in a couple of years, I encourage you to do so as they can help you start planning in concrete ways.

    • erin says :

      I was thinking about that the other day. Our closest contact is in DC about 90 minutes away so I should probably do that before the summer is over.

      How’s Mischa?

      I LOVE animals. I dogsit a ton and I work with a rescue that brings pups from Lousiana to homes up and down the east coast where their euthanasia rate is in the 1000s per month. I was very glad to hear about the SPCA there, because I know I would want to continue my pet rescuing adventures there:)

      • israeliminx says :

        Lol,trust me you’ll have more animals in need of care to rescue about every 10 feet that you walk when you get here, there won’t be a shortage and we need all the help we can get. It is so awesome that you are volunteering to help the puppies!! Would love to hear more about that!

        You can get a lot of good info via NBN over email and from the website. You don’t really need to do any ‘in-person’ stuff until you’ve opened your tik (application file) for aliyah with the Israeli embassy and you should do that within 9-12 months of intending to arrive (the process took me about 2 months to get approval and the approval is only valid for 9 months once given). As soon as you open your tik you’ll be assigned a shaliach and will need to go in for a meeting but everything else can be done through the mail and phone.

        Nu, Tiger, is this pretty much your experience? I’m going off 10 years ago…

  5. erin says :

    Sad to hear all those animals are out there but I can’t imagine ever not doing rescue now that i am sucked in. The rescue I work with is Bonnie Blue Rescue. It is based out of Richmond, VA, but we are partners with Paws NELA in Louisiana. Basically Paws NELA pulls pups from the local animal shelter that is overloaded with surrenders (they took in 648 dogs in june alone) because apparently fixing your dogs is a foreign concept to them. The pups are then placed in foster homes from Louisiana all the way to Connecticut until forever homes can be found for them. There is a whole network of volunteers along the way that help transport the pups to the different homes. It’s absolutely amazing. The sad thing is though that we are not a huge organization and the numbers of dogs we save are small in comparison with all those that are surrendered. In June, over 450 of the 648 dogs brought in to the shelter Paws Nela pulls from were euthanized. It is sickening. I just don’t get the irresponsibility of people who feels like animals are disposable….

    Here is the link to the rescue where I live:


    and here is the link to Paws Nela, our partner in LA:


    They both have facebook pages too. In case you ever need a pup to keep your cats in line…..check them out:) Patches’ mom was rescued the day before she gave birth to him and his 9 brothers and sisters. Originally I was a foster parent, but after Patches and I were in a horrendous car accident I couldn’t let him go. So now I dogsit for the organization at a reduced rate and help with transports when i can. My landlord put a limit on the number of dogs i can have at a time-otherwise I would be fostering pups out the wahzoo 😉

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