Take just 10 minutes to listen and your view of the Israeli-Gaza conflict may change forever

Whether you are Israeli, Palestinian, or from anywhere else in the world, take 10 minutes to hear Dana and your perspective may change, or at least be deeper in understanding.


6 responses to “Take just 10 minutes to listen and your view of the Israeli-Gaza conflict may change forever”

  1. lorimar says :

    It is a heart felt msg, however it has not changed my view. Ask..why has hamas cont to fire rockets? If you look at UN mandated borders from after ww2 for israel and look at them today you will see a vast expansion. If anyone demolished my home, cut off my water supply, kept me economically shackled I would use whatever means at my disposal to protect myself. Btw..the idf just killed 2 un workers at a un run school that was shelled by idf not a militant in the area. The post is on rt news right now and has been condemned by the un. Also.. 2/3 of those killed in gaza have been civilians… again the stats are widely available. Your words are sweet but facts are facts.

    • Tom wood says :

      Got to agree with lorimar. Perhaps if Israel would stop abusing and killing Palestinians, the Palestinians would stop wanting to kill Israelis. Stop the blockades. Stop the settlements. Israel is losing support all over the world, and increasingly here in the US, and the only way that will stop is when they stop acting like bullies. I don’t blame Hamas one bit for turning down the Israeli/Egyptian cease fire proposal. It was a BS proposal without an end to the blockades and settlements.

    • Lynne says :

      Lorimar, your facts are not accurate in regard to the history of the state of Israel or the conflict. For example, Israel provides food, water and electricity to Gaza, and left over nine years ago every square inch of Gaza—did not leave in defeat but as goodwill and a step towards peace with Gaza and the establishment of an independent state. The Israelis left behind valuable businesses and offered money and assistance to help the Palestinians take them over, but instead immediately Israelis were faced with terrorist attacks and then rockets from Gaza. They destroyed the businesses. Hamas does not want peace; it simply and frankly states it wants the destruction of Israel and death of Jews everywhere.
      The investigation of the UN school is not complete, and it was in an area of heavy fighting. The IDF had been trying to get people to leave for three full days, but they refused, and now the UN staff there is lying about being warned and able to get out. However, there are recordings of all those calls urging them to leave. The UN staff may very well be complicit in the storage of weapons in the schools, as there have been weapons in two other schools and UN staff turned them over to Hamas. The UN is completely rotten to the core and corrupt.
      No other conflict is given the kind of coverage that the DEFENSE of Israel is given. Thousands are being killed in other conflicts, including those carried out by the US and allies, and the numbers of “collateral damage” from Afghanistan alone is in considered very high, in the thousands. Just this week, a former UK commander from the Afghanistan operation gave several interviews stating that no other army in the world does now or ever has tried to avoid civilian harm and takes the steps to prevent it than the IDF. The biased reporting of some of the mainstream media sources, such as Sky News or CNN, is inaccurate and it’s unfair, and meant to vilify Israel—in fact, it functions to support Hamas. Amazingly, many of the Arab countries are reporting more truthfully and they have little love for Israel.
      Do you not question why it is OK for Hamas to shoot a thousand and more rockets into Israel without giving a single warning and all aimed at civilians? Not a leaflet, no phone calls, no warnings at all and meant to kill Israelis. There is not a peep from biased people when Hamas terrorists cut the throats of babies and children. Where is your concern? Israel protects it’s citizens with defenses; Hamas puts them in harm’s way. I think that is clear, but as the saying goes “there are none so blind as those who refuse to see”. Plain and simple: Those who support Hamas support terrorism.

      • Tom Wood says :

        Surely not everyone that supports Israel’s view is this obtuse?! ” Israel provides food, water and electricity to Gaza, and left over nine years ago every square inch of Gaza”
        Um, the reason Israel provides those things to Gaza is because ISRAEL AND EGYPT HAVE GAZA IN A F(#$K($G BLOCKADE!!!!!! The only way the Palestinians get food or water or electricity is if Israel or Egypt allow it! Not giving them those basic necessities would be tantamount to MURDER!!!
        And of course Hamas wants Israelis dead, Israel occupied Palestinian lands for over 40 years and did, and continues to, treat Palestinians like dogs.
        While there are some religious nut jobs in the US that continue to support the Israeli government in spite of their crimes, most of us have seen the truth and are saying hell no, not again. AIPAC is waning. Support for Israel is waning. Clean up your own act before you demand someone else clean theirs up!

      • lorimar says :

        Lynne. I provided my source, where is yours? Secondly I will try to explain this from a micro stand point. I’m a big guy, was always the tallest, biggest
        and strongest of my peers. As a child I was taunted, made fun of and picked on. One day a smaller boy insulted my family and spit at me and then punched me. He was confident bc his friends were with him. Being raised catholic I was taught to turn the other cheek but on that day It pushed me over my limit. I picked up that boy and threw him face first in to the ground and broke his nose. Yet when I explained what happened only I got in trouble. I was shocked and upset. after all I was just protecting myself wasn’t I ? It took me a long time to learn that as the bigger guy , who could easily take the punches of dozens of his peers, when you fight back your in the wrong…why? because it isn’t a fair fight. Being the bigger guy means you must be 10 times more patient , you must be 10 times more wise, and 10 times more reluctant to use force than anyone smaller than you, or not as wise as you or as reluctant to use force. Hamas at best has unguided, 1940s tech weapons. Israel has smart weapons, nukes etc etc. and yet Hamas has killed predominantly soldiers and Israel predominantly civilians. Granted human shield methods are deplorable but it means that if Israel is to survive in good standing it can not attack but DEFEND itself which it can do easily with what Hamas has as weapons. The lack of any evidence showing even 1 person killed by those crude missiles in Israel is evidence enough to show you how 1 sided this event is. Its a tough pill to swallow but you must value all life, even if others don’t value yours. Lead by example and the pack will fall in. If you act like thosewhom do not value life then you are no different. Every nation has their “natives” to deal with. Europeans decimated native populations in north america and if you talk to most ppl they are ashamed of it. My government even apologized for what was done to them. We provide complete freedom of movement, no walls, no apartheid even tho natives have killed police officers and civilians in the past. We provide free education from our taxes and they are in the same schools that I attend not some run down ghetto school. This is how progress is made, by understanding that the crown gave land it did not own to the Rothschild’s to form Israel. The letter is available on line dated 1917 and even Rothschild himself called the land Palestine. If you say… hey Hamas..look we f’d you up and took your land and we’re sorry but we can’t leave now how can we make good? And even if the reply is a missile…you continue to offer peace and reconciliation because Israel is the bigger guy. Start actinglike it!

        iI refer you to Google or bing pics and search “UN mandate borders Israel” 1949, 1960 and present you will see the expansion I speak of.

        secondly I refer you to the UN web site. search for “Israel” you will see a striking Number of condemnations for both occupations and excessive force by Israel.

        thirdly I refer you to the 1917 letter to e Rothschild from his majesty where the letter clearly states that the indigenous population in Palestine must not be affected.

  2. SirJohn says :

    That’s too funny. As if anyone would care what the worlds’ most corrupt organization, the UNO, would say. I wish Israel would show them what a real blockade is: cut off all power, water and everything else from Gaza and let it go to hell. People are pretty much fed up with it, all over the world.

    This reminds me of the Punic wars which stretched Roman patience for about 100 years. But at some point the Romans had had enough and finally wiped Carthage off the map for good. That is what needs to be done with Gaza and the rest of the so called palestine. Seems we need another Cato and another Scipio Aemilianus, soon.

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