Mischa is on more meds than Michael Jackson

Mischa got two shots today: one against vomiting and an antibiotic. He has a pill I have to crush, mix with water, and squirt down his throat 2 hours before or after every meal and he needs 5-6 small meals a day. He has another pill I’ve got to give him twice a day and yet another he needs 3 times a day. His teeth badly need to be cleaned and he has a bad mouth ulcer but he is too old to undergo the cleaning and so we have to make the best of things. We are hoping the antibiotics will help with the ulcer. He also got fluids. He seems a bit perkier this afternoon. Pilling him, though, is going to be an utter nightmare. No cat is particularly easy to pill but Mischa more resembles a barracuda than a cat when you attempt it.


2 responses to “Mischa is on more meds than Michael Jackson”

  1. Lynne says :

    My vet says that even after twenty years as a vet, he is not great at giving cats pills. It’s difficult. Any chance of having it compounded into a liquid?

  2. erin says :

    I feel your dread on the pill administration. You almost need one of those full body padded suits like the police wear when they are teaching their dogs to attack. My vet told me I could mix Vlad’s pill with stage one babyfood. Its the uber smooth kind for your youngest babies. the meat ones only have chicken/veal/turkey plus corn starch and water, so it at least masks the taste. Just make sure it has no onions or spices. Do you have that there? Vlad still wasn’t a huge fan, but it worked WAY better than just watered down meds. And you can also get some food on his stomach that way.

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