Round-up as we get close to end of ceasefire

I’m expecting a rocket-filled night as soon as the extended ceasefire ends — someone didn’t get the memo in Hamas that the ceasefire was extended and within minutes (we are talking less than 5 minutes) from the end of the original 8p.m. ceasefire, mortars were fired at Israeli communities. One of them misfired (or maybe it was intentional) and hit Egypt, killing four Egyptian children.

I didn’t make it to the beach. I was planning to go in the afternoon but I got so involved with cleaning, sorting, washing and donating stuff that I was like just stick with it. I plan to stick with it until midnight when the rockets will probably start coming. The apartment is still a disaster but it is a more clean and organized disaster.

We got the bad news that four more of our soldiers have been killed in the Gaza fighting, bringing our casualties to 40. More tunnels have been discovered. Some of the tunnels go more than 3 miles.

Lieberman has said that after this ceasefire there won’t be any further until we’ve completed removing the threat. We also learned the reason Kerry’s week-long proposal was firmly rejected: It essentially was a carbon copy of Hamas demands. Did anyone expect much more from him or the Obama administration? The Dems are trying to tie additional aid for replacement of the Iron Dome defensive missiles to passage of a “ain’t gonna pass” bill dealing with the U.S. border crisis. Thank you Rep. McConnell for stepping up and putting forth a stand-alone bill to fund our ability to take out missiles that would otherwise kills thousands.

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One response to “Round-up as we get close to end of ceasefire”

  1. israeliminx says :

    Seems extended ceasefire not on. Hamas rejected, firing rockets at us. Not a surprise.

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