With our theoretical ceasefire, I’m going to go to the beach this afternoon

Ok, so Hamas already violated the ceasefire by shooting into the Eshkol region after it was supposed to have gone into effect but I’m going to take a bet that they won’t fire on the center. So this afternoon I plan to go and get some beachtime in. I seriously need to do a bit of wave bopping. I haven’t been to the beach at all this year and that is just criminal since it is only 20 minutes away. Hamas has finally pushed me and my nerves to the point that I am so over the fact that the weight I’ve gain this past year makes me look like a beached whale in a bathing suit. Yalla.


11 responses to “With our theoretical ceasefire, I’m going to go to the beach this afternoon”

  1. SirJohn says :

    Enjoy, you deserve it. If you see any IDF soldiers on the way, tell them a lot of people all over the world wish them all the best. Actually, one of my friends is a combat diver for the IDF, those guys also sometimes hang out at beaches, but not for pleasure 🙂 They do a great job.

  2. erin says :

    Have fun! I was contemplating a trip to the pool myself…but I figured I might blind some people.

  3. Mike says :

    Have a good day. We are off to the mountains for a few days.

  4. erin says :

    so….just saw on facebook that rockets were shot to eshkol region a few minutes ago. Please tell me that Israel is going to keep on fighting and not listen to Kerry. And can somebody please tell me why france is hosting the ceasefire talks when there continues to be rallies against jews?! Per a news story this am, there was a huge pro gaza rally that was supposed to go through a very jewish part of the neighborhood. 😡

    • Lynne says :

      Erin, I believe that Israel has to come up with a strategy to deal with the tunnels, and I cannot see how they can have a ceasefire until they do.

    • SirJohn says :

      The “cease fire talks” should be completely ignored. Everyone there is biased against Israel. There is no honest broker. The Europeans and the US only want to appease the muslims and want to make sure the problem vanishes out of the headlines. The fact that countries like Qatar and Turkey are taking part in those “talks” says it all. The only country I would trust to a certain limit actually is Egypt since they have a stake in all of this.

  5. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Knowing what I have come to know about Islam and the Muslim way of making war, I do not think Israel should agree to or trust *any* ceasefire that is proposed by the other side (and its gutless clueless – or malevolent, in some cases – dhimmified enablers), UNLESS it suits *Israel* to have a short timeout as well. Because generally speaking, Muslims *only* seek a truce/ hudna/ “pause” if they feel weak and need to regroup and rearm. Infidel generals therefore need to realize that if fighting Muslims, one must be prepared to harden one’s heart and view proposals for “talks”, treaties, ceasefires, etc, if initiated by the Muslim side, as a signal to go in and hit ’em even harder. One must also realize that if the *infidel* side proposes or agrees to a “truce”, ceasefire, “peace talks”whatever, or makes any kind of concessions, the *Muslims* (since all humans by default assume that others think like themselves) are most likely to view it as a sign of weakness and will therefore…step up the Jihad. That is why Israel has been attacked from Gaza ever since they withdrew from it.

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