Hamas violates ceasefire of course and I got a bookcase out to the curb

It has been a busy morning and the day is young.

On the war front, we got news that we lost another five of our soldiers. We’ve got 8 civilians in critical care from two mortar strikes last evening. A ceasefire was supposed to go into effect at 8 this morning but, like all the other ceasefires, Hamas immediately broke it. Reports of intense fighting happening now.

On the personal front, I managed to get the other really big bookcase out of the ‘study’ room that Nesicha is nesting in (previously Tovi’s room), and then out the apartment, down the stairs, and out to the street.

I feel like I jinxed us last evening when I was instant messaging with my Ema and told her that whew what a relief to have not had any rocket attacks on my area in the center for 24 hours. Literally two minutes later, the sirens started blaring. When the sirens went Mischa came flying out of the litterbox room and ran under the couch. I didn’t think much about. I went about cleaning the bathroom and mopping the kitchen floor in prep for some potential renters coming to view the apartment at 8. Should have thought about it. So they arrive and I get to the enclosed balcony where the litterbox is and….you could see the path of retreat that Mischa took by the pee and pooplets left in his wake. Yeah, embarrassing.

Spending Shabbat eve with the little family next door.


2 responses to “Hamas violates ceasefire of course and I got a bookcase out to the curb”

  1. erin says :

    How is Mischa feeling? Hope you have a quiet Shabbat:)

  2. Lynne says :

    Cat are an endless source of joy….:) You should see the messes that they make over here. Means I never lack for something to do, for sure.

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