2nd terror attack in Jerusalem, Lebanon Army fighting ISIS insurgents

An Israeli soldier was shot and seriously injured in a terrorist attack in the traffic tunnel in Jerusalem. Information about the event is still unfolding but it seems that the terrorist began firing and shot the soldier rushing to stop him in the stomach. The terrorist escaped and a man-hunt is on for him.

Fighting in Syria has had a significant spill-over into Lebanon today when terrorists related to the Al Nusra Front (and Al Qaeda affiliate) and ISIS invaded a Lebanese border town. The Lebanese army has been exchanging gunfire with them and the Sunni leader in Lebanon has stated that the militants must withdraw from the town and from Lebanon immediately (the terrorists don’t appear to be listening, and reports are that the fighting is intensifying).

Hamas has been firing rockets into our south all day (yea just love those Hamas ceaselessfires).

Check out the latest Pallywood productions, one of which gives the lie to the claim (that I believe the U.S. called “disgusting” on Sunday, blaming Israel) that Israel shelled the U.N. boy’s school or that there were civilian casualties. The Palestinians posted lots of pictures and even some ‘rescue’ video of the supposed scene –the only problem is that some of the pictures show the actual scene: two dead terrorists laying in the middle of the street in puddles of blood about half a block from the school. The other pictures show those same two terrorists magically transported (and their places switched to the school yard). New pictures show new “victims” laid out around them in the schoolyard but, one of the ‘victims’ can be seen alive and well in the crowd around the two bodies in the actual hit site and a video shows another supposedly dead ‘victim’ getting up and blending back into the crowd. In yet another later picture, taken of a third guy ‘rescuing’ the same supposedly blood-covered little girl he is running past the actual site…and you can see the bloody trail of drag marks where the two dead guys were dragged along and put at the schoolyard. Check out the other damning, and not against Israel, evidence Here


12 responses to “2nd terror attack in Jerusalem, Lebanon Army fighting ISIS insurgents”

  1. June Jackson says :


    Interesting Comments about Israel at the link above. According to this person, you aren’t a country.

    • israeliminx says :

      Well, that would be one very ignorant person.

    • Lynne says :

      Be good if people would thoroughly research before forming opinions, and do that research from impartial, not biased and very accurate sources. (I like to use primary sources from the time when available, but then I am a researcher so that is my training. In the case of the Middle East, there are plenty of primary sources from 1900 on that are available, you know, laws, agreements, newspapers, and the like.) I know that we are all busy, but our thoughts and attitudes are important and worth the effort that it takes to do the research properly. I like to remind people who get confused when studying history, for example, that borders change all the time according to conflicts, conquests and agreements. Every border everywhere is the result of a conflict and a resolution of some type. Sometimes borders are imposed from outside sources, as in the case of the European expansion into Africa and the Middle East and into South America and even the US and Canada originally.

    • erin says :

      Well according to her, the US is just as guilty for the deaths of the palestinians. So, my question is why the hell is she living in California then?

  2. erin says :

    Just reading these two posts this morning is leaving my stomach in knots. Are these terrorists from the West Bank? What is Israel going to do about ISIS if they take over Lebanon? Please tell me that there is a plan by some of the less crazy arab countries to help fight them back…What is being done with the rockets being shot at Israel? And why is Cairo meeting to draft a truce without Israel. The Palestinian demands are out of control! An airport? Really? So they can fly over Israel and drop bombs? Uh HELL NO!

    • israeliminx says :

      Erin, the attacks today in Jerusalem were by West Bank Palestinians and there is a search on for a suicide bomber in Tel Aviv, around my old apartment at the port area ,at least as of half an hour ago, to try to capture and avert an attack. Bibi and everyone else in the govt (even Livni) have made clear we are not going to agree to any crazy demands like an airport etc but will agree to a solution that sees Gaza fully demilitarized. The chance Hamas and Islamic Jihad will stick to a truce of any kind is slim to none –we’ve had a ‘ceasefire’ on since this morning and they’ve fired something like 85 rockets at the south today.

      • Lynne says :

        Is it not amazing that the corrupt leaders and journalists don’t notice these violations? And, isn’t it amazing that these same corrupt leaders and journalists don’t notice that all rockets fired at Israel are fired at civilians? Just amazing, and why I discount CNN, MSNBC, the BBC, and other garbage media as a news source. Total propaganda.

    • Lynne says :

      Erin, I agree. I think that the more moderate Arab nations’ interests are aligned at least to some degree with Israel’s.

  3. Lynne says :

    I am so grateful for the tweets from Big Pharaoh.

    • erin says :

      Who is Big Pharaoh?

      • Lynne says :

        Erin, Big Pharaoh, is an amazing Egyptian blogger. I started following his blog years ago, and always I felt as if I got an accurate perspective on matters in the Middle East. I seldom disagree with him or his assessments. It takes so much courage to be a blogger in most of the countries in the Middle East. I think that he is brilliant.

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