Terrorist attack in Jerusalem kills one, terrorist shot dead

This is the sixth time in the last few years that terrorists have used tractors, diggers, and other mobile heavy building equipment to engage in terror attacks. Perhaps we should rethink hiring Palestinian construction workers on visas. The terrorist used his huge earth digging machine to attack vehicles and flip over a (thankfully empty, except for the driver) bus. Several pedestrians were injured and a man in his mid-twenties has succumbed to his wounds. The terrorist was shot dead by a police officer near the scene before he could continue his murderous spree.

Here is pretty dramatic video from the terror attack that was thwarted a couple of days ago by our border patrol. The young officer who chased down the car and can be seen trying to dive through the window into the speeding car with the terrorists should be given a major medal. The car was filled with explosives http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/WATCH-Border-Police-storm-car-filled-with-explosives-at-West-Bank-checkpoint-369856


3 responses to “Terrorist attack in Jerusalem kills one, terrorist shot dead”

  1. SirJohn says :

    As I had already said after that first attack with a bulldozer in Jerusalem years ago, Israel seriously needs to think about allowing all her citizens to be armed. So far only police officers, soldiers, and those with special permits are allowed. Not always a cop or a soldier will be there in time to prevent a muslim from going berserk. A well armed citizenry could help.

  2. israeliminx says :

    I’ve never felt the need to carry a gun here in Israel. We’ve so many of our soldiers on leave at any given time, and they’ve got to carry their weapons at all times, that I feel perfectly safe. If I lived in Judea or Samaria or near any of the borders, I’d definitely get a permit to carry as that would only be sensible and a good number of folks in those areas do have permits.

    In a little more than 3 weeks, though, I’ll be moving to Texas for a couple of years and I’ve told my Ema that first things first — hand gun and concealed carry license before driving license! After that, shotgun and AK47. I am so not kidding.

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