Fading fast from fast, apt viewers coming soon, packing blah

I started off with a bang this morning, bringing my William Sonoma dishes set, a variety of other kitchen items, and some school supplies over to the little family next door. I sorted, collected and got three bags of paper recycling down. I managed to get morning pills down both Mischa and Batya. I’ve collected up all the kitchen stuff I am taking, leaving only stuff to cook with between now and the end of the month and then donate.

I’ve still got major amounts of paperwork to sort through. I need to buy a really big suitcase. I turned on the air conditioner for the first time this year today. I could get addicted.

With as much sorting and tossing as I’ve done, my apartment looks even more of a disaster than it did this morning when I started. I found a print out of chapter 11 and the half-finished chapter 12 of the fiction book I’m writing, sat down and read them and was like wait, it can’t stop here, what happens next! and then realized what I was thinking and was like you need to finish the damn book you dumb-ass.

I should be able to take the plastic filing storage cabinet down for donation tomorrow.


9 responses to “Fading fast from fast, apt viewers coming soon, packing blah”

  1. Lynne says :

    I HATE that you are moving. This is the most stupid idea we have ever had.

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    The packing and getting rid of stuff is very hard. I know! Early on I suggested to my wife that instead of doing it, we should just burn down our house with all our stuff in it. She wouldn’t go for it.

    Go figure.

    • israeliminx says :

      Tiger, I’m taking that idea under consideration.

      Ema, yea well it is because it follows on the second most stupid decision we ever made and that was to not move you here before you got so sick –if we’d moved you here then, you never would have gotten so sick because you’d have had decent medical care, treatment and diagnoses from the start. Can’t put eggs back in the basket, we just need to go forward, get the sanctuary established and then get me and you back here.

  3. tddpirate says :

    Yes, the part of getting rid of stuff was almost the most important and long-lasting benefit from my Irish adventure, which ended after only four months.

  4. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Hope your moving goes well and will pray that it all turns out for the best in the end.
    Now, offtopic, but you might have heard – did you? – that last weekend there were HUGE rallies in Sydney and Melbourne in support of Israel. Mostly the Jewish community but plenty of supportive non-Jews toddled along as well. The Sydney rally numbered between 7000 and ten thousand – easily outnumbering the pro-Hamas hatefest that took place on the same day (which was about 2500-5000).

    I couldn’t get to the big rallies but there was one in my hometown as well, which has a much smaller Jewish community; maybe 300-500 people on a sunny but rather chilly Sunday afternoon. Mustered at very short notice.

    Maybe 80-90 percent Jewish; 20-10 percent people like me (my brother-in-law and half his church fellowship, who are very pro-Zionist – and they’re not nutcases, they just believe G-d keeps ALL his promises) who wanted our Jewish compatriots to know that not all of us believe the Gazan Muslim nonsense and lies and outright blood libels that our media are mindlessly swallowing and regurgitating. That lots of us think a visibly Jewish person has the right to live here in safety *or* in Israel..with the right to defend themselves.

    I wore a star of David and a blue and white scarf and selected an Aussie flag to wave (not enough Israeli and Aussie flags for everyone there to hold both). and I now possess an “I am a zionist” badge. Because I am! – I think Jews have a perfect right to live as a sovereign people in their own Traditional Land. We sang the Aussie anthem at the start and Ha Tikvah at the end, and had speeches and prayers and psalms (yes, psalm 121 in Hebrew and English) to which I said loud Amens. I met lots of interesting people. It was a lovely gathering; and as it broke up people started singing and dancing in circles. No nasty gatecrashers or hecklers – the two cops assigned to keep an eye on us, nearly went to sleep. Maybe they learned something; I bet they had a much less stressful time than those who have had the job of policing all the pro-Hamas near-riots and massed threat displays (complete with black flags of jihad and menacingly-masked male and female mohammedans) that have been happening.

  5. Larry007 says :

    I know it’s a little bit late, but why didn’t Lynne move to Israel even after she found out she’s ill ? You can still get medical treatment as an Israeli citizen even if you make aliya when ill.

    • israeliminx says :

      Larry, the problem was she kept getting misdiagnosed and all our efforts were going into trying to get her treated (and for things it turned out she didn’t have) but that made her sick as a dog and then some. The idea at that point of trying to move her internationally went way off the charts.

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