Hysterical must see: Operation Gaza on the Water

Who votes for this?!


One response to “Hysterical must see: Operation Gaza on the Water”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Just get rid of the entire population of Gaza and let Israel get back what it officially (according to the UN) has sovereignty over, that is the Gaza strip area.

    By the way, it is the only way you will never see another launch of rockets from Gaza.

    As this stupid Israeli government has decided to repeat for the nth time the same stupid behavior of destroying a few targets and then going back to Israel and leaving the Gaza strip as it is, Israelis are now back to square zero and they should get ready for the next launches that will come in x days or x months, no matter when, they will come again these rockets!! The next launches of rockets will be with better rockets that will kill more Israelis!

    And how many Israeli soldiers died for this latest pointless Gaza operation? More than 60 Israeli soldiers I believe!! And for what result? Going back to square zero!!

    Oh, I hear you telling me that the tunnels are now gone. Well, for how long?!!!! And did these tunnels prevent the launches of rockets?!!

    Yes, it might sound hard to a few to hear but the only LONG-TERM, FOREVER solution to the Gaza problem is to expulse the entire population of Gaza for good. That is the only LONG-TERM AND FOREVER solution to Hamas and the launches of rockets into Israel.

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