Pat Condell speaks out on the Hypocrisy over Gaza


2 responses to “Pat Condell speaks out on the Hypocrisy over Gaza”

  1. Lynne says :

    I am so grateful for honest people who are opposed to perpetuating evil. Fox News has been so courageous in presenting the truth. Today, Rudy Giuliani was a guest on Fox News, speaking out about Jimmy Carter’s hate-filled, pro-Hamas and anti-Israel rant. It is certainly well-known that Carter is a vile anti-Semite —and as Giuliani pointed out, the worst president in history whose weakness set the stage for much of the terrorism and chaos in the Middle East. He spoke forcefully, stating that not only is Carter pro-Hamas, but so are many in the US State Department, and that BOTH OBAMA AND KERRY ARE MAKING STATEMENTS THAT CERTAINLY SOUND MORE SYMPATHETIC TO HAMAS THAN TO ISRAEL. I know that and anyone who can hear knows that, but it is good to hear that acknowledged by Giuliani. I won’t be supporting any Democrats in any elections. None of them. I’ve gone from being liberal to conservative, and from being a lifelong Democrat to being staunchly Republican (I do have liberal ideas in respect to gay rights and respect for them, for helping the poor (really helping, not handouts that keep them dependent).

  2. Lynne says :

    From Arutz Sheva: My feelings exactly about the corrupt media sources in the US and in Europe.
    Fox News is refreshingly honest.

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