It looks like it isn’t over, Hamas is saying they will renew attacks

Hamas is saying that they have not agreed to extend the ceasefire beyond the agreed upon 72 hours and will renew the rocket attacks. I guess they really want Gaza to be flattened. They are in a pretty bad position. The tunnels are gone, they are not going to get open borders so they won’t be able to re-stock their rocket supply (they’ve still got more than 10,000 of them), and they are hanging onto power in Gaza by a thread.

I’m sure they are being busy bees during the ceasefire booby trapping everything in sight.


7 responses to “It looks like it isn’t over, Hamas is saying they will renew attacks”

  1. Lynne says :

    I saw a picture of Gaza, taken from Google maps, and there is a lot of empty space there. The corrupt news media sources keep reporting that the people have no place to go….lies, of course, which the evil news teams eagerly embrace. They could go a block away and be safe, or they could go to these empty areas, into the tunnels….they have lots of options.
    Perhaps the IDF and Israeli leadership could come up with something really surprising.

  2. erin says :

    Check this article out…..

    These are fantastic points. FANTASTIC!!!

    • Lynne says :

      Erin, I signed up for the Gatestoneinstitute news briefs. I did some research on the organization, and one of the founders is the Sears and Roebuck heirs. Going to run over to Sears tomorrow and buy some things!
      The contributors to the organization are all worthy, credible and reliable. I by accident found that same article, so when the journalists from CNN say (as they constantly do) that the people of Gaza “have no place to go”, it is just another LIE. In fact, they could go a block away and be safe, or into a tunnel. Fox News is the only news organization that I have found that is presenting the truth. Even Jake Tapper is a lying weasel. CNN is just horrible. Who owns it, Qatar????
      And, yes, I agree with you that the article is filled with reliable information.

  3. Lynne says :

    If Hamas will not agree to a ceasefire, the IDF will have to go back into action. Perhaps. I was worried about this information in this article on YNET online:,7340,L-4555694,00.html
    Leaders from the UK, France and Spain are refusing to sell Israel weapons and ammunition now as a result of Israel’s defense. I am boycotting all travel and all products from those countries. Products that I used to use like Crabtree and Evelyn, Quality Street Chocolates and dolls from France….history.
    Where can ordinary citizens donate to the IDF? Seems like even small donations could add up and help.

  4. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Can’t say I’m surprised. Not surprised at all. Hudna, hudna, hudna. Every dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks western journalist, diplomat and politician needs to read up on what “hudna” is – and read the classic discussions of the “Treaty of Hudaybiyya” before they go *anywhere* near the lands dominated by Islam, and most especially before they even begin to express an opinion on *any* conflict that involves Muslims attacking non-Muslims in situations where the Muslims are apparently a discontented minority or province within an Infidel-majority entity, or where a Muslim state or non-state entity is next door to an infidel entity.

  5. israeliminx says :

    Gatestone is a reputable source and the article is by Alan Dershowitz. Thanks for pointing it out, I’ve tweeted it! The news team that filmed Hamas setting up and launching rockets right next to the major hotels also wrote up an article and they note that the claim that Hamas needs to fire wthin civilian areas is unfounded as there is a great deal of open space in Gaza (and well, hello, its main economic base used to be agricultural — farms and fields….).

    I’m not sure there is a fund you can donate to directly for actual equipment and weapons/defense but I know that part of the budget of money raised by Friends of the IDF ( does go directly to the army for purchase of things the army determines is needed by order of priority. A lot of the funds raised goes to support for Lone Soldiers (soldiers with no family in the country), wounded soldiers and so forth.

  6. SirJohn says :

    Of course it is not over yet. The dumb European and the idiot muslim in the White House haven’t been milked enough yet. Hamas knows exactly what they are doing. They know Israel won’t destroy them, they also know Israel has no interest in burdening herself with a real occupation of the Gaza strip. And they know that as long as Kerry and the other morons from Europe are wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth, Hamas can go on and put a little more pressure on them. Not on the Israelis, on these idiots of the so called “West.” Europe already has agreed to give at least $ 40 million, the US have agreed to give $ 75 million. That’s peanuts. There is a lot more to extort. Once the price is right, Hamas will finally cease firing. Once they have enough so it is worth spending their time watching CNBC and reading the WSJ to learn where to invest all the loot. Until then, they will keep firing.

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