I’ve still got way too much stuff and Hamas announced in Arabic they’ll start shelling us tomorrow at 8

I’m feeling really overwhelmed with all my crap. Even before I moved to this apartment almost 4 years ago I got rid of boxes and boxes of books but I’ve still got enough to run my own private library. I’ve still got about 6 boxes I packed up last summer of books to unpack and sort through so that the movers can pack into their boxes. I’m getting rid of all my books in English except for those that are out of print or really expensive or that I wrote or have articles in (heh). That still leaves me with what will come out to be about 15 boxes of books in Hebrew and German. Gah. The paperwork is what is killing me though. Going through files and piles of paperwork and trying to figure out if I need it or might need it or can recycle it. I’m so tired of my apartment just being piles of things and cartons of things and even more tired of it not all being in (sorted) piles and cartons. It feels like it will never be done and the movers come in like 12 days.

I’ve an exam to give tomorrow morning at 9 and there’s a good chance the sirens will be going off if not where I am then down south. Hamas made an announcement in Arabic that they intend to start shelling us again tomorrow. They’ve not made the announcement in English yet but it seems they are essentially refusing to meet any reasonable conditions (surprise!) at the talks in Egypt. Egypt is dead fed up with them and the Palestinian Authority is threatening to leave the talks if Hamas won’t show ‘flexibility.’ Pretty much, expect the war to be back on in the morning.


4 responses to “I’ve still got way too much stuff and Hamas announced in Arabic they’ll start shelling us tomorrow at 8”

  1. Lynne says :

    I wish that Egypt would agree to handle this militarily on their side.

  2. SirJohn says :

    Hm. According to Hamas’ public pretensions, there should be an easy way to make Israel completely safe from any missiles, bombs etc. Much cheaper than Iron Dome. I just saw the solution when you were writing about the many books you have: Every family in Israel should place a Qu’ran in their living room. In every public building, there should be a Qu’ran displayed in the center. In every bus, every train, every car. Because, they can’t dare to damage their holy book, can they? Every Israeli should carry one on their body. Should help better than any Kevlar vest.

    Just kidding. Get rid of those books and instead install an Iron Dome battery in your apartment.

  3. Jae says :

    Survival is the first morality.

    When I heard this I was shocked!

    Your military actually CALLS the people you are about to bomb.

    Quite frankly that is dumb!

    You should do what Churchill did. Just unload on Gaza, Carpet Bomb Gaza to dust.

    Oh, but you say, the world will hate you? Haven’t you been paying attention? The world already hates you. They can’t hate you more than they do now.

    War is like pulling duct tape off your skin. Do it slowly and the pain is longer. You just have to rip it right off. Similarly. this piecemeal way Israel conducts its war just means they have to go in again and again and again. Best to just have one devastating attack and the problem is solved for all concerned.

  4. Lynne says :

    Yael, don’t give or throw anything else away. Put it in storage.

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