A very interesting conversation with my Muslim cab driver

I just got back from my final moed bet exam. Because the exam started so early and it was our last night (theoretically but Hamas did a before-dawn attack, breaking the ceasefire early) of quiet, I wanted to get as much assured rest as possible and so took a cab in to work today. My cab driver was an Arab-Israeli, Muslim, and we had a very interesting chat. He was ripping Hamas up one side and down the other as we listened to the news and said that Abbas is a useless, corrupt, thief only interested in lining his own pockets. Then he started in on “the Muslim in the White House.”

I was like, wait, what? No, I think Obama has sympathies for Muslims but he is Christian. Obama is a Muslim he assured me. “Every Muslim knows Obama is a Muslim.” He opined that Obama was crazy like Erdogan, that in Turkey people used to be free like in Israel, that they could say what they want, do what they want, practice their religion like what they want but now he has turned Turkey into a little Iran, a little Iraq. This is not Islam, he said, this is an Islam from the medieval times, from ancient times, this is not the Islam for today, they are trying to take us back a thousand years. He has relatives in Jordan living close to the Iraq border and they don’t know what to do, they are terrified and don’t know if they should leave, should make plans to leave and where they should go.

He poked his finger at me, these crazy people would kill you because you are a Jew and they would kill me (he stabbed his finger into his chest) because I am a Muslim living in the modern world and don’t want to live like it was a thousand years ago. Did you know they are already killing Christians there in Iraq? They are not normal. And the Muslim in the White House is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and doing nothing to stop these crazy people now sitting on the border of Jordan. They are not normal people.

Well, can’t argue with that.


15 responses to “A very interesting conversation with my Muslim cab driver”

  1. Lynne says :

    yes, and if you read Obama’s “autobiography” which he later claimed did have some fiction in it (since he was caught in some of his many lies—he is a pathological liar), it’s evident that he is not mentally balanced.
    I resent the mainstream media for relentlessly promoting him for the presidency, and I will never, ever trust any of those media sources again.

  2. SirJohn says :

    The biggest lie among the many lies Obama has uttered is that he is a Christian. He doesn’t even have a clue what it means to be Christian.

    To set the record straight: His mother, for all we know, was a leftist, anti-establishment atheist. His father was the same. His stepfather was a muslim. Little Barry attended a muslim school in a predominantly muslim country (Indonesia). Under sharia law, he therefore is a muslim. But not only in a legal sense is he a muslim, common sense tells you that a child that is assimilated that much in a very predominant culture, absent any intentional education by the parent, simply adopts this culture. He was immersed in islam, he grew up to be a muslim.

    For sure, he is not a practicing muslim. He is far too much a leftist, considering himself too intelligent to believe in mumbo-jumbo like religion (in his eyes). But in all his cultural leanings, he feels a strong sympathy towards his birth religion, islam.

    Oh yeah, when he needed to establish street credentials as a politician-rabble rouser, he joined a “church.” But what kind of church? A hateful, ultra racist conglomeration of misfits who pretended to be a “church” so they could benefit from the Internal Revenue Code. Normally you could have called that outfit “Wrights racist anti-white gang.” But that doesn’t give you tax free income.

    Some years ago, when he was still naively believing that it was his right to be in the White House, he freely admitted in an interview that in his family no Christian holiday ever gets celebrated.

    He despises Christians, for him they stand for everything else he despises: white people, conservative people, law-abiding people, cultural people, people with values…

    And that is also why he would never do anything to help a Christian, unless he is pushed to for political survival’s sake.

    So, whatever you say about BHO, please, never call him a Christian. It offends every real believer in Jesus Christ. Just as it would if you called Nero a Christian.

    • Lynne says :

      Sir John, you are absolutely correct. I agree with you; he is not a practicing Muslim, and he somewhat pretends to be a Christian for political reasons. Not only does he feel a bond with Muslims, it is his hatred of Christians and Jews that seems to be his one of his defining characteristics. Both of his parents were very odd people, and his mother’s family Leftist and anti-establishment.

  3. Tiger Mike says :

    Oh Goodie! I was afraid I was going to miss the war altogether. Now when I get there next week, I’ll be able to run to the bomb shelter! What Fun!!!

    (Hope to see you next week, Yael. Or the week after in J Town? You can come over and we will have a nice Olim Chadash dinner.)

    (Look for an e-mail with address and phone number)

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Well, what a Muslim says to a Jew is always to be taken with a big portion of salt, to say the least. Why? Because Muslims say one thing to non-Muslims and a completely different (often opposite) thing to Muslims when they speak about Israel, Jews and Hamas, Hezbollah and company.

    For Obama, I could say I told you so but that would be redundant. I strongly believe that he is a closet Muslim. Only a Muslim would bow to the King of Saudi Arabia simply because the King of Saudi Arabia is the ruler and the guardian of the country where all the locations related to Islam and to the Muslim pilgrimages are located.

    Concerning Hamas and Hezbollah, most Arab-Israelis support them fully in their actions against Israel and most of them are also for the transformation of the State of Israel into a Muslim state after killing all the Israeli Jews. In fact, all the Arab-Israeli MKs (members of the Knesset) in Israel are openly supporting Hamas and Hezbollah and Hamas and Hezbollah’s goals as stated above. One example? Haneen Zoabi!! An anti-Israel Arab-Israeli who openly promotes Hamas and Hezbollah’s attacks against Israel!!

    Therefore, maybe this Israeli-Arab Muslim cab driver is one of the very few who thinks the way he stated concerning Hamas. Or he simply says what an Israeli woman would want to hear to make sure that the next time an Israeli Jew takes a cab, she will not mind choosing an Israeli-Arab Muslim cab driver.

    In the past, there have been several stories of Israeli-Arab Muslim cab drivers involved in crimes against Israeli Jews in Israel, therefore you must always be on your full guard when traveling with an Arab-Israeli Muslim cab driver.

  5. Nancy says :

    I love this. In this interview Hannity actually kind of suggests that Israel carpet bombs Gaza.

  6. Nancy says :

    Obama is nether a Muslim nor a Christian. He is an atheist (or perhaps more accurately an agnostic). He believes that all religion are man made. He is extremely ANTI IMPERIALIST though having heard the story of his grandfather resisting the British in Kenya and growing up with a mother who always pushed anti imperialism as well. Also he spent some time in Hawaii perhaps the only place in America you can get a sense of America’s limited foray into imperialism. Particularly the Robinson family who were a family of missionaries who took much of the land in Hawaii (they own one Island fully and have at least half of another) There’s a saying about them. They went to Hawaii to do good and they did very well indeed. The family still owns the land if I wasn’t clear about that.

    Since he is so anti-Imperialist it means culturally (not religiously) he tends to identify with Muslims especially since his dad was one. He sees the Muslims as victims of imperialism, and in Israel he sees the Israelis as an imperialistic force The Los Angeles Times intentionally suppressed a videotape it obtained of a 2003 banquet where then-state Sen. Barack Obama spoke of his friendship with Rashid Khalidi, a leading Palestinian scholar and activist so we can document his pro Palestinian biases at least back that far.

    The Democrat Party has been becoming increasingly pro Palestinian in recent years. In fact, believe it or not a good segment of his base is extremely angry at him right now for not being “tough enough” on the Israelis

  7. blogdibarbara says :

    Obama admits he is a muslim

    • Lynne says :

      Obama is a sick, confused man with an identity crisis (long standing) and a warped, vile philosophy. He allowed his autobiography notes to say he was from Kenya, said it was an over-sight/he didn’t notice….no, authors do not allow incorrect information on their books. Obama ‘s pathological lying is a symptom of his mental problems. And, just great, this is the president of the US. He makes Nixon look like a paragon of virtue.

  8. Jay says :

    They should have a survey. how many think that Israel should carpet bomb Gaza. After all that is what they did during WWII. to Germany and Japan.

    Just bomb the whole area and be done with it.

    This piecemeal stuff will never produce any long term results.

    If you worry about the world hating you – well they can’t hate you any more than they already do.


    • Lynne says :

      Jay, I agree. The international community that vilifies Israel is in no position to do so. The allies, as we know, bombed Dresden —fire bombed it, killing between 35,000 and 135,000 civilians. No leaflets, no warnings, no nothing—and apparently no regrets. Yet these people have the nerve to criticize Israel. These vile, corrupt leaders cannot be taken seriously.

    • Lynne says :

      Jay, I am as frustrated with this situation as I can be, but I did not mean that i think that Gaza should be carpet bombed. The allies in WWII certainly did that in Dresden and the Germans bombed the hell out of the English, and so this is a group that SHOULD KNOW AND DOES KNOW the difference in Israel’s approach. The IDF is right to try to warn civilians in Gaza from harm; and they go to extraordinary measures never seen before in warfare, and as you say, the international community tries to deny this. There is no way for winning with this group of morally deficient people. I watched CNN and that creepy Erin Burnett twist or try to twist this reality. It made me sick, and it confirmed by absolute disgust with CNN. Those who distort and lie are contemptible. They are pure evil.
      I agree with the IDF’s efforts to try to avoid harming civilians in Gaza, but I agree with you that Hamas itself should be slammed. Forcefully.

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