Small change in moving plans that makes my heart lighter

I’ve cancelled the international movers. I’m putting my things into storage here instead. Ema made a good point and that is that the cost and balagan of moving everything overseas for somewhere between 12-24 months and moving it back again would cost a lot more than just putting it into storage here. If it turns out that it looks like I’ll need to be in the U.S. for longer than that then in the spring I’ll go ahead and arrange for it to be shipped.

This is a relief in many ways. With my things here, half of me is still here šŸ™‚ It also takes care not only of the fridge and washer/dryer removal from the apartment but means that if I move back within that time frame I won’t have to re-purchase new ones.

So now, the mover is coming on the 21st to shlep my stuff to a storage facility in Jerusalem. Out of all the places I called, Century Storage seems to be the best place by far in terms of getting your stuff out of storage in good condition.


5 responses to “Small change in moving plans that makes my heart lighter”

  1. erin says :

    Excellent idea! Now if I had just had this dream of aliyah a few years earlier I coulda sublet your apartment and saved you your home too:) Your mom will be coming back with you when you return right?

    • israeliminx says :

      Erin from your mouth to G-d’s ears, yes she will. We’ll also have the U.S. animal sanctuary in place and be getting set to open a sister site here– tfu tfu, knock wood and any other measure of luck you can add. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to be greeted by you in whatever apartment you rent or buy here. It took me three years of concerted planning before I was on the plane and homeward bound. Take your time, get your ducks in a row, and then row like hell for Israel, for home )

      • Erin says :

        Lol. Yes it is going to take a bit of time to get everything straight. I started Hebrew classes through eHebrew last week. It’s pretty cool…definitely going to be a challenge. The program is set up so you are learning how to read write and speak it all at the same time. This no vowels business is very tricky. How on earth did you learn to speak and read Hebrew without doing the ulpan they offer?

  2. Lynne says :

    Erin, so glad that you are considering a move to Israel. You will not be disappointed. It is a wonderful place, and it’s amazing to see the mix of such different people all getting along and living side by side in peace within Israel.

  3. Lynne says :

    Have Tiger Mike and his family arrived safely? Update šŸ™‚

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