Packing and dedicated animal rescue

I don’t have a muscle that doesn’t hurt. I’ve opted to go with a ‘domestic move and storage’ of my stuff for the time being. This means that my stuff can go into ‘whatever’ kind of box or container and doesn’t need to be itemized or specially labeled as is required for international shipment. The domestic movers will ‘pack’ my stuff but every minute they are here and every box they pack comes at a price and they don’t itemize or put the stuff into international shipment boxes. If I end up needing to ship to the U.S. it will all need to be repacked into the agents official boxes and each box fully itemized for both sets of customs.

So, I’m trying to pack as much as I can into the plastic storage bins I have and itemize the contents to both save on the domestic moving costs and to facilitate and save time and moolah in the re-packing in the event I need to ship further.

I managed to finally reach Sharon. I’ve got kitty supplies that I pre-paid for, can’t get a refund on, and won’t use in the next two and a bit weeks before I leave and I know she could use them for her rescues. I talked with Ronen this morning and he gave me the number to reach her in the hospital. Last week she was down in the Gaza border area on an animal rescue mission and was carrying out a dog that had been wounded by shrapnel when the sirens went, rockets hit and the puppy went ballistic on her out of fear. She got mauled pretty bad but managed to get the puppy to the rescue van. The puppy is, after surgery, recovering with a foster family and she’ll be out of the hospital on Thursday. I’ve arranged that the food and litter will be delivered on Sunday and next week we’ll work out transfer of the excess supplies in my apartment.


7 responses to “Packing and dedicated animal rescue”

  1. erin says :

    Wow. Life on the streets for animals is tough enough. But the added stress of rockets….I can’t imagine how terrified they are. I am sorry to hear that he attacked your friend. Must be pretty bad to be in the hospital that long…I can’t believe she managed to hold onto the pup through all that. That is dedication!

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    Hey Yael, we are in Jerusalem. And my phone won’t work. Going to try to fix that today. Can you email me your number?

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